After hours of researching online about the company you have received an interview call from, taking a look at commonly asked interview questions and getting yourself prepared to make sure that your body-language demonstrates confidence and poise, you know that you’ve got this!

The interview begins in a very friendly manner and after exchanging greetings with the interviewer, you start answering questions very confidently until one of the questions leaves your mind blank. Then you fumble through a barely coherent response. You mumble some nonsense that sounds absolutely ridiculous even to your own ears.

At this very moment you realize that you’ve totally bombed the interview and they’ll never hire you.

While it is crucial for you to think before answering each question in a job interview, there’s also some margin of error. It turns out that the hiring managers are human too, they understand these things happen.

According to Muneeb Asif, Senior Manager HR & Recruitment at – Pakistan’s number 1 job website:

“There have been countless times I interviewed people who slipped up, blanking stumbling through a sentence, even dropping a curse word or two, and despite all this, I moved them to the next round where they demonstrated exceptional confidence, composure, industry knowledge and understanding of the job.”

A mistake, or say, completely blanking on an important question that you’re expected to have a good answer to—is going to spoil the interview, but remember, majority of the recruitment managers appreciate a well-written and detailed follow-up note regardless of how the interview goes. This means getting to the next round is possible when you take responsibility for those “ugh” moments.

Take these words of wisdom to heart, dear job seeker. An interview is happening in real time. It’s live, and the pressure’s on. Responding to every single question with a perfect response is unlikely. And the hiring manager knows this! Yes, if it’s a big enough mistake that it needs to be addressed, get to it—don’t try to sweep it under the rug. But also rest assured that one bad answer, one misspoken word won’t put you out of the running.