Don’t let this year’s resolutions be empty promises to yourself.

As you enter 2019 – what better time to make that bold move towards a better job, a better career – and, yes, a better life into the bargain? Come on, you owe it to yourself.

Here are some New Year’s resolutions that can make it your best work year ever.

Improve Your Online Presence

In this day and age, the employers will almost invariably go through your profiles on social media channels to assess your personality type, before shortlisting you for the interview. So you need to make sure that your online presence is as impressive as your CV. Yes, you thought it was fun posting the pictures and videos on social media about all the funny things you did with your friends while you were recently on your friend’s bachelor party, but it is not going to leave a positive impression on your potential employer. The best idea here is to limit all informal posts to friends only and make only the positive things public on your profile. To get started, you can Google yourself and see what’s already out there.

Build Professional Relationships Using Social Media

By leveraging professional social media networks, you can enhance your online visibility. You can do so by following the industry leaders and innovative thinkers on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and be selective. Moreover, you can build connections on LinkedIn with peers in your industry who fall along your career path, join social media groups relevant to your industry and engage in conversations with real people. This can get you a job offer you haven’t even applied on.

Skill Up

If you feel your career is going nowhere and you are stuck in career paralysis, it could be the time to skill up. In such a situation, you should research and find out what the next level of skills are that you need – and then plot a course to acquire them. Doing this will probably give you the positive lift you need to find a better job or to go for a better position. In this day and age, skills are what employers look for, in the potential candidates, more than those big degrees from the prestigious universities.

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Craft a Great CV

Your CV is the key to landing your next big job opportunity. If it isn’t impressive, you are never going to get shortlisted. Once you have acquired new skill-sets, make sure you include them in your CV and make it up to date with your latest career achievements and ambitions. When done with updating CV, upload it on your account and make it your default CV. If you are unsure about how you’ll create a professional CV that gets you shortlisted, you can get it reviewed for free by experts.

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Set Job Alerts

Finally, it’s time to open and set job alerts related to your career field. For instance, if you are a senior sales professional, you may enter keywords for job alerts such ‘head of sales’, ‘sales manager’, ‘regional sales manager’, ‘sales supervisor’, ‘sales director’ etc. Even if you’re not actively looking for job change, the best idea is to keep yourself updated with hundreds of new job opportunities related to your field of career, advertised each day on You never know when an opportunity catches your attention and makes up your mind to switch your job.

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You can’t wait around for good things to happen this year; you need to make them happen yourself. It’s time to identify things that have been holding you back from your career success. Most likely, they’ve been worry and fear. Make your 2019 the year to leave fear behind because the things you are afraid of are often the things most worth doing.