When you are an intern who’s looking to make a mark in the world, there are usually two big things going through your head. The first thing is that you want to get employed as soon as you graduate and the second one is that you want a reputable organization to kick start your professional career with. If you’ve really loved the company during the tenure of internship, you might even be hoping for a chance to come back and work there full-time in future.

After managing several interns over the course of my career so far, I’ve realized that the little things go a long way in helping them stand out—including sending a post-internship thank you letter to the line manager and the peers.

Why Sending a Thank You Email is Important after an Internship?

Ask yourself, why would you send one after an interview or after getting promoted? Well its polite and shows respect for the person’s time.

A thank you email is an acknowledgement that you feel honored to have got the opportunity – and don’t take that lightly. Besides, it is also memorable. The easiest thing is to walk out of the office door and never be thought of again.

In short, putting yourself in front of your line manager and peers one last time in a friendly yet professional way means you’re compelling them to remember you for coming days, and hopefully when a related career opportunity pops up.

Worst-Case Scenario: Imagine every other intern sending a thank you email; at least you won’t look silly having missed the boat.

Best-Case Scenario: If none of the other interns send a thank you email, you’ll stand out in an excellent way!