Working in a corporate environment can be stressful enough and having to work with a dull team with limited coordination between them makes it even worse. Team coordination is one of the key factors in boosting productivity at a workplace. The more synced and comfortable your team members are with each other, the quicker they would get the job done.

As an employer, you could either dedicate a certain budget and resources to organize field trips or dinners to get your team members to open up to each other or you could spare some time from your weekly routines to delve into fun team building activities within your office.

Here are 5 highly effective team building activities to help your team bond with each other:

  1. Scavenger Hunt

Humans have long depended on their hunting skills to put food on the table but unlike our ancestors we have it easy. Let your team brush up on their tracking skills by hiding random objects across your office space. Split the team into smaller groups and let them find the objects you have hidden. The first team to fetch the most hidden items, wins.

  1. Pictionary

Nothing beats the classic Pictionary game when it comes to team building. Invite a member from each team to pick a card containing a word or action that they need to draw on a board as the rest of the team tries to guess it.

Naturally, the team with the most correct answers wins the game.

  1. Blind Retriever

The sole purpose of team building activities is to ensure your team communicates and understands each other. The way this works is, a blindfolded person is guided by their team members to a certain object or a destination.

Playing Blind Retriever is a great way of building trust and seeing how your team performs under pressure as well as how they respond to instructions.

  1. Two truths one lie

Not every activity has to have a winner or loser, some of them can be conducted just so your team members can put their shyness aside for a while and warm up to each other. This activity requires each member to share 3 facts about themselves out of which one has to be a lie. Let your other team members have a go at it and figure which one is a lie.

  1. Suddenly

Put your team’s creativity to test by sitting them down in a circle and narrating a few lines of any story. The person sitting next to you has to continue and come up with their own version of it once you use the que “suddenly”.

It’s a great way to instill quick thinking in your team and of course ruining your childhood stories.

Final words

The last thing you want is for your team to be at odds with each other and develop a toxic work environment which would not just tank the productivity but also might end in a disaster. Conducting team building activities is a great way to engage your team members and promote coordination between them.