What do we mean by a ‘perfect job’? Is it a job that pays the most amount of money? Or a job that fulfills us from within? Or is it both?  These are the questions that individuals ask themselves while pondering on one of the most important questions of their life. What is actually the best perfect jobs for them and how to find it?

Pakistan is a country where numerous job opportunities open every now and then while thousands of people enter the job market every year but since the market has become so saturated especially post-Covid era, job hunting has become quite a daunting experience for many. Whether you are someone who has recently finished their undergraduate studies or someone who has multiple jobs on their resume, it is common to be inclined towards job opportunities that may not align with your needs or something you are passionate about. This may be due to multiple reasons i.e. the initial excitement on a prospective job or sometimes the much-needed financial stability. However, you should never stop searching for that perfect job.

It seems quite hard to find the latest jobs in Pakistan in 2022 because of three major reasons:

  1. Your search and application practices are not very effective
  2. Your skills are not relevant to your applied industry
  3. It is an arduous task to get the recruiter’s attention in a sea of applications

But if you’re looking for or plan to look for the best way to find the latest job in Pakistan that is perfect for you then keep on reading!

Utilize Your Network

Let’s begin with the fact that not everyone has a very strong network to rely on especially in the case of finding people who know the latest jobs in Pakistan. But the important thing is that the people you do actually have in your network are utilized in the effort to find that ideal job for you. In order to do that there are certain things you need to do.

First and foremost, tell EVERYONE that you are looking for a job. In most of the cases, people quietly start their search for the latest jobs but it is necessary to expand the horizon. Start by telling people you meet because if you do not tell people that you are looking for a job, how would they help you? You should begin by making a list of individuals within your network who you know and can contact for job details. A good friend’s recommendation/reference or word-of-mouth could be the deal maker for you. In addition to this, it is also essential to expand your network by interactions and forming new relationships. If you find jobs that are not relevant to you, refer them to someone else.

Remember: If you help them, they’ll help you. That’s networking in a nutshell for you!

Apply directly to your desired companies (online)

Job applicants usually have some companies in mind where they desire to work. In that case, it is integral to make a list of those companies that you think are the right fit and start applying in two ways:

  1. The “Careers” page
  2. Direct Email

The pro tip here would be to apply to all your desired companies even if they are not hiring at that point in time. The major reason to do that is to come within the radar of the company, and you never know that you may possess a skill set which could result in you hearing back from them sooner rather than later! So to keep it simple, an application ratio of 3:7 should be used to apply to companies whereby 3 applications go to the ones not hiring and 7 to the ones hiring.

LinkedIn “Easy Apply”

LinkedIn’s “Easy Apply” is to ramp up those applications and increase your visibility to the recruiters. While direct applications to companies is an effective and well researched method to apply for that latest job that you desire, but LinkedIn’s easy apply offers an alternative method where the main goal is to bypass the nitty-gritty’s and get visible fast! You simply find a job that is the perfect fit for you, attach your CV/resume, no cover letter required, answer one word questions (takes you 15 seconds max) and press send.

Tip: Use keywords to navigate through the plethora of jobs, i.e. company, work location and so on.

The power of online Job Boards

Online job boards or job websites are very popular in Pakistan due to the presence of diverse industries and with it the latest job openings, all available in one place. The best job websites in Pakistan, especially to find thelatest job in Pakistan in 2022, make it easier for the applicant to find job openings with just a click. Whether your ideal job is the one that offers hybrid work hours, a startup or an FMCG, an online job board especially the one like Rozee.pk – the oldest and leading job website in Pakistan – has got it all.

From tailoring your resume to offering full mentorship in job-hunting, job boards strive to make your journey to find the latest jobs in Pakistan very smooth. Some even allow setting custom job alerts so that you are immediately notified when your perfect and desired company has a job opening. This saves you a lot of time and a constant hassle of checking and re-checking for that job opening.

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In the end, as you may have noticed while reading the methods mentioned above, to find the best perfect job in Pakistan, all these methods are interlinked to each other. This shows how broad job searches should be compared to the traditional narrowed down approach. Job seekers should look for job listing on online job boards as well as LinkedIn but should go through their network too to find a referral and so on.

And finally, remember, you only need that one job offer! So don’t get demotivated when things don’t go your way. Keep on improving your network, applications, interviews and resume, and you will find work soon! Good luck to you!