In recent years, Pakistan has experienced a significant increase in inflation, with prices rising across various sectors of the economy. The country’s inflation rate hit a record high of 14.6% in January 2021 and reached 27.6% in 2023. The devaluation of the Pakistani rupee has made imports more expensive, leading to higher prices for goods such as fuel, food, and clothing.

Maintaining the value of your savings, completing your future goals, and managing your finances, are now next to impossible. In these circumstances, achieving financial wellness is becoming more and more difficult for salaried professionals and freelancers.


What is financial wellness?

Financial wellness refers to a state in which an individual is able to effectively manage their finances and achieve financial stability, security, and independence. It involves having a good understanding of personal finances, making informed financial decisions, and taking actions that promote financial well-being. has got you covered!

To address the issue of inflation in Pakistan, brings one answer to all financial needs with the RIZQ app. The app aims to empower salaried professionals and freelancers to save smartly against the backdrop of rising inflation. Acting as a Financial Passport, RIZQ app will give you access to all the financial services with just a single tap.


Say hello to your financial wellness with RIZQ!

RIZQ, powered by, is a financial wellness app that offers a wide range of products and services, providing enhanced access to financial planning and security for earning professionals. The app offers financial services and features like daily halal profits, goal-based savings, committees, loans, smart payments, intelligent budgeting, tailored health insurance plans, and much more.

Designed to supercharge the financial ecosystem, RIZQ acts as a Financial Passport for its users by offering 1-tap access to financial services from licensed financial institutions. You get two wallets in the app, one for your everyday expenses known as Spending Wallet, and the other one to make your money work for you, known as Savings Wallet.

The Savings Wallet, powered by UBL Funds, will play a key role in improving the penetration of Mutual Funds in the retail segment, which currently sits at less than 1%. Users can earn daily profits on their savings with the option of anytime withdrawals. The best part is that users can see their money grow in front of their eyes.


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Financial wellness is now effortlessly easy!

Committed to making financial wellness effortless and accessible for all Pakistani working professionals, RIZQ will empower users to take control of their finances. RIZQ app is created to improve the financial health and safety of users at scale by opening doors to a new world of one-tap financial possibilities.

With RIZQ as your Financial Passport, financial wellness Ab Asaan Hai!