Identifying and Rebooting an Unmotivated Employee

I've been reading a lot on this subject and more often than not, I come across articles that are based on the assumption that unmotivated employees are lazy or a 'bad hire'. This...

Khana Ghar – Parveen Saeed’s Magnum Opus

Note: The following story is based on an interview between ROZEE.PK and Parveen Saeed of Khana Ghar. Snippets of the interview have been reproduced verbatim in quotes, while the rest has...

Motivated vs Unmotivated Employees – An Infographic

As a team manager or a human resource professional, it is important for you to closely observe an employee's behavior before labeling them as "unmotivated" or "lazy". This infographic will help you differentiate between motivated and unmotivated employees and how you can ensure employee motivation at work.

Coping with Job Rejection

We are all hardwired to take rejection very, very personally. In our everyday lives, being told “no” is something that we are not comfortable with - and for good reason. Being...

The Future of Human Resource Management

Organizations without cutting edge business models are striving hard to stay relevant in this hyper-competitive business scenario. HR professionals are the pioneering force throughout this transition phase as workplaces embrace the future. Here's how HR technology, data management and cutting-edge innovation can make this future happen.