Abdul Sattar Edhi: A National Treasure Passes Away

The nation of Pakistan has recently lost one of the greatest humanitarians and philanthropists of our time, Abdul Sattar Edhi. Founder of the Edhi Foundation, Abdul Sattar Edhi was pronounced deceased late on Friday night after years of battling kidney failure and old age.

Rozee Asks: Ramzan Timings In The Workplace

This year, ROZEE.PK took the opportunity to ask professionals of their opinions on how organizations should shuffle their work timings in Ramzan to maximize both productivity and personal commitments.

The Markhor – Sidra Qasim & Waqas Ali

Punjab Information Technology Board sitting quietly in Arfa Software Technology Park, spaced high above in the heart of Lahore is striding a plush step in the footwear market for men. Fashion...

The New Business Order

Max's spiritual view on the reshaping of industry through smart leadership stands to reason, and challenges the selfishness and greed that has slowly crept into our collective subconscious. AgayBarho! truly believes that disrupting modern economics with the rules of equality might just be the key to a more peaceful, just world.

Round the Clock – Amna Saleem

There are people who don't have a 9am-6pm. They have a 24/7 - from the time they open their eyes, to the time they put them to rest for a while. Meet one such high-on-work-life superhero, Amna Saleem, whose swiftness and flexibility are being utilized by the most firmly rooted lifestyle and fashion publication of our times - Women's Own.