Round the Clock – Amna Saleem

There are people who don't have a 9am-6pm. They have a 24/7 - from the time they open their eyes, to the time they put them to rest for a while. Meet one such high-on-work-life superhero, Amna Saleem, whose swiftness and flexibility are being utilized by the most firmly rooted lifestyle and fashion publication of our times - Women's Own.

Skydiving – Zeeshan Mirza & Sakina Mannan

Looking to break new ground and set a trend the likes of which have not been seen yet in our nation, Sakina Mannan and Zeeshan Mirza have formed a distinct outfit of extreme sports enthusiasts operating in Dubai that partake in the electrifying sport of skydiving.

(Sneak Preview) Ahead of the Rest

                  DR. HARIS AZIZ Senior Researcher Optimization / Algorithmic Decision Theory Senior Lecturer University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney, Australia   AgayBarho! strongly believes that Pakistan is home to some of the most talented minds of our...

Losing Intellectualism?

QUESTIONS: HAIDER KAMAL ANSARI   Man thrived during the hunter-gatherer era, but he was far more intelligent and an epitome of endurance at that time. The quest for survival is a major motivator...

Coporate Wardrobe – Omer Jamil

  CEO – LATITUDE CORPORATE RELATIONSHIP SOLUTIONS   It sure is important for professionals to ëlook the partí in a certain business environment. And when it comes to dressing for the occasion in the...