Uber and ROZEE.PK partner to help people find jobs at the Parvaaz Lahore Job...

We are delighted to announce that ROZEE.PK and Uber have partnered together for the ROZEE.PK Parvaaz 2016 Jobfair event in Lahore on Sunday, April 3.

Employee Concerns

One of the main problems of an employee before acquiring a job is finding a job. Once that is done, the trick is finding out how to sustain it. Workplace politics and a lack of communication can make even smooth processes become complicated. Here, Mr Usman Shahzaib looks for some answers with the support of Master Group's Mr Haroon Ahmed.

Vanhawks – Bicycling to Happiness

Ali and Sohaib Zahid, CEO and COO of VANHAWKS operating from Toronto, Canada realised their dream project, and made transportation independent, stress and fuel free to an altogether different level. 'Opposed to a 9-to-5 drill, the idea behind Vanhawks entails a lifestyle of building something that the team would be proud of.'