Career in Motion

Motion graphics, videos and 2D-animated content add a new twist to some tough-to-swallow career advice! After all, got to keep your career in motion.


The Working Dead: When Your Employees Become Zombies!

Are some of your employees acting lethargic, distant, nonsensical, not unlike zombies?! It could be caused by one of the reasons in this animation and it’s slowly infecting productivity, communication and...

6 Common CV Writing Mistakes

Your CV is supposed to be an impressive professional document and your first impression to the employers. Here are some common mistakes people make on their CV, make sure you avoid...

Audio Profile by

With an audio profile, you can catch the attention of top employers, make that all-important first impression count and broadcast yourself on your profile. Watch video to learn more about Rozee...

7 Tips for Sales Professionals

Salespeople experience more highs and lows in a single week than most professionals do in an entire month. The best salespeople are always looking to improve their game, so here's an animation that could...

6 Elements that Make a Great Company Culture

A great culture fosters happiness, productivity and overall success for a company. Don't forget to consider these elements in cultivating your company culture.

Best Jobs for People with Good English Skills

There are many types of skills. Some are acquired through formal learning while others are developed through informal activities. One of the most important professional skills everyone needs these days is...

Things you should never say during a job interview

19There's no doubt that job interviews are stressful. Most of the time, they involve you sitting down and basically pitching yourself to a total stranger. Still, it's important not to let...

10 Inspiring Leaders Talk Success brings to you the best of inspirational quotes from some of the most successful people in history. Let's take a look at these great reads.

The Evolution of the Job Hunt

Let's take a journey back in time and see how job hunting has drastically changed over the years!

Reasons Why People Fail at Job Interviews

Common reasons why people fail at job interviews - A video short. Remember, it's not just your resume that matters in a job interview. Everything from your personality to your appearance to...