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How Lying on Your Resume Could Sky-Rocket Your Career!

Lying on your resume may seem like a good idea at first. After all, it works for many people, and the lies don't even have to be that big! Is there more to these little white lies job applicants tend to throw around carelessly, or does it all pay off in the end?

Things You Wish You Could Tell Your Boss

There are some things you just don’t know how to get through to your boss. They could be salary related, coworker related or even relevant to the work you do. These...

What’s Holding Me Back From My Dream Job?

If you're struggling to achieve your goals, the problem may not be your motivation; it might be your choices. It's time to look at your reasons from a different angle and do things differently to help grow your career on your own terms.

How Office Culture is Crushing Women’s Ambitions in Pakistan

It has often been observed that women in Pakistan are least interested in senior management roles. The reason in my opinion is not the lack of motivation but the unsupportive culture...

10 Tips for Job Hunting in the Digital Age

Thanks to the internet, you are now competing with people from all over the world for your next job. With that in mind, Jon Erik Haug channels his vast experience at Telenor into a list that will be a boon to job seekers everywhere!

I bombed an interview for a really good job – What to do now?

After hours of researching online about the company you have received an interview call from, taking a look at commonly asked interview questions and getting yourself prepared to make sure that...

Putting Your English Skills Front and Center!

The Online Placement Test is a state-of-the-art test designed to demonstrate and prove your expertise in the English language - a skill that employers everywhere are now considering essential in their...

Sleep Deprivation – The Stealthy Productivity Killer

Rozee Research: Sleep deprivation is a pretty common complaint among professionals, which is not only causing serious health issues but is also affecting their performances to a significant extent.

5 Types of Office Politicians and How to Handle Them

Taking credit for others’ accomplishments, sabotaging co-workers’ projects and gaining favors by flattering the line manager are the most usual forms of office politics. According to a study, more than 55% of...

8 Tips to Manage Millennials the Right Way

Every employee at the workplace has a different working style and owing to the diversified and open sitting plan of offices today, the employees easily group and socialize with the generations...