AdMaxim Pvt Limited

AdMaxim Pvt Limited

AdMaxim (Pvt.) Ltd is a USA based product oriented company with development offices in UK, Lahore, Pakistan and Bangalore, India. We offer a challenging and dynamic environment with handsome salary packages, medical benefits, stock opportunities and plenty of growth opportunities. We are involved in development of a product targeting the global market and it is being built in state of the art and latest J2EE technologies. Our Mother Company AdMaxim LLC is an integrated mobile advertising and messaging platform for brands, operators, publishers and ad agencies. AdMaxim enables marketers to run innovative and effective mobile marketing campaigns by providing rich targeting and crucial analytic insight across multiple customer touchpoints. AdMaxim LLC is committed to making campaign management and execution seamless through process automation and integrated data management. AdMaxim LLC was founded by technologists with extensive experience in advertising yield management systems. The company is at the forefront of defining the next-generation advertising platform for the mobile channel enabling campaign execution, performance measurement and data-driven optimization to maximize advertising yield.
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