Cement Pakistan Co

Cement Pakistan Co

Ecorporates GmbH based in Hamburg is a prominent project management company. We provide quality, timely consumer attitudinal information & support to customers to enable them to make cost effective and right decisions about selection of solutions, products and services. We are also prominent supplier of industrial products and engineering solutions to industries all over the World. We are providing industrial services and products to customers in more than 15 countries.

Most of our customers are large scale private and government organisations  and industrial groups consisting of Cement factories, Steel plants, Fertilizer industry, paper industry and Petro-Chemicals. We also study and re-design existing process to improve efficiency of system.

We work with top manufacturers and engineering companies in Europe to provide cost-effective and efficient products and solutions to our customers. We are very well connected to industries in Africa and GCC region for new turn-key and expansion projects in Cement/mining, steel and power generation.

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