Friends of Literacy and Mass Education

Friends of Literacy and Mass Education

FLAME is a registered, charitable organization and its goal is to provide basic primary level education to the poor and disadvantaged children currently denied their basic right of access to education. Working towards this objective FLAME has, since its inception in 2001, established more then 150 schools in different parts of Pakistan. FLAME also supports two nursery schools in the Mumbai area of India. Over 6,500 children including 4,000 girls in Pakistan are receiving free education, including free books, in these schools. The high standard of education in its schools and growing awareness in the public about the value of education now mean FLAME is being inundated with requests for hundreds of new schools.

Friends of Literacy and Mass Education FLAME was establish in 2001 by Mansoor Alam former Ambassador, on the advise of the Literacy commission of Pakistan, in an effort to provide primary to those children who are unable to attend formal school.
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