GENETECH SOLUTIONS is one of Pakistan’s fastest growing information technology companies, supplying clients with state of the art software solutions in numerous industries. We provide business application development services to clients across the world. Genetech is 10 years mature to the market. Within years of entering the industry, Genetech gained exceptional experience in agile software development with focus on technical support and maintenance, web and mobile application development and other programming services. Genetech hosts dedicated teams and IT infrastructure for our customers. We are a busy, high-volume but friendly environment that will suit an organized person with a great eye for detail and plenty of team spirit. Genetech has satisfied customers across the globe. Today, the Genetech team has grown to 50 people delivering quality solutions to customers with unique needs. Competitive pricing coupled with a spotless customer satisfaction record gives Genetech the ability to serve customers with the cost-value structure unmatched across the South Asian IT market. Thanks to our customers, we have grown exponentially over the last 3 years. We provide a safe and growth driven work environment with attractive compensation and career opportunities. If you are self-motivated and a team player, Genetech is the place for you. Our fast-paced and supportive environment will offer you lots of benefits – a competitive salary, stress free working arrangements, and opportunities for training and development./p
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