Hi-Tech Outsourcing

Hi-Tech Outsourcing

Customer care is always important, and in some cases it can be the deciding factor for potential customers. With TalkAgent Live Customer Support you can provide 1 on 1 support; your customers will appreciate. At times when you are not actually in the office to answer calls or even during regular business hours, you can provide live support! Live Chat is a unique feature that allows your web site visitor to chat interactively in real time with our Customer Service Agents through typed messages. We provide customer service outsourcing, customer service support, inbound customer service, customer support and sales, live call answering service Talk Agent is an offshore outsourcing customer service center providing outsourced live chat and email support representatives for your e-commerce initiatives. Our Chat Agents are promptly answering live chat / email requests On YOUR Website. Give life to your website and get the full benefit of Internet commerce.

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