Irtifa Group of Companies

Irtifa Group of Companies

pIRTIFA Irtifa is an Arabic word, which means ‘Height, especially of a Mountain or Plane.’ BRAND IDEOLOGY The concepts of values and identities need to be considered in the backdrop of self-concepts and values associated with brands. Irtifa Group is about promotion of excellence at its peak. The idea is that brands also make an attempt to psychologically separate themselves across values that are in harmony with the target segment’s values and become a part of the ideology associated with the consumer’s mindset. BRAND PURPOSE The appetite of building iconic structures led Mr. Mohsin to develop a line of businesses where clients find a single window system for their project needs. Thus ‘Irtifa Group of Companies’ was established. BRAND VALUES 1.PASSION FOR WINNING 2.OWNERSHIP 3.INTEGRITY THE GROUP Irtifa Group followed a comprehensive approach to attract stakeholders, shareholders, customers, and partners by establishing 4 distinct companies, of different natures, strengths and capabilities, unified and bound by a common mission, vision and set of core values. To-date, Irtifa has; Branding | Designing | Marketing, Financial Planning, Construction & Architect companies under its umbrella to provide the best-in-class services. WIZKON INNOVATION - WIZARDS of INNOVATION Provides a full-suite of services from Designing, Naming & initial Brand Development, Strategic Consulting & Online/Offline Brand Assimilation, Conventional & Digital Marketing on various platforms. LIMINARCH STUDIOS - DREAM.DRAW.DELIVER Provides a platform to master planners who make beautiful, intelligent & sustainable; buildings, spaces, places, urban master plans or individual homes. FINTIAL CONSULTANTS -ASSESS.ADVICE.IMPLEMENT Delivers ultimate financial advice through consultation and market analysis. STRUXIVE DEVELOPERS - BUILDING ICONIC STRUCTURES Builds iconic & most complex infrastructure projects to the smallest construction jobs./p
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