Khurshid Textiles Mills was founded by Mr. Khurshid Ahmed Alvi more than 43 years ago and is headquartered in Lahore (Pakistan). Initially we started our production as a weaving unit, but later we also got involved in manufacturing of Towels along with dyeing and Stitching. Currently the Company has a high profile set-up in the textile export industry of Pakistan with two weaving units consisting of 40 and 48 looms equipped with state-of-the-art computerized back process. We have diversified into a variety of products which include various types of Garments, Towels, Linens and fabrics, catering to institutional and home textile. Khurshid textiles has always strived to be a leader in quality and as a result we have been setting standards in quality and customer service while catering to our diverse customer base across the globe. Major activities of the Company include manufacturing and export of cotton and synthetic yarn, along with the manufacturing and export of woven and processed fabrics. Our Company supplies its products to North America, Europe, Middle East, Far East, China and other Asian Countries, and our mission is to gratify our customers bulk requirements with an assurance of unblemished goods and timely delivery. We are now more focused than ever to further expand our range of Institutional products for hotels and hospitals, which are made with special consideration to quality. Through our decades of experience in the industry Khurshid textile Mills, is now stronger and more experienced than ever and is ready to face the new challenges of the market. Our aim is to introduce new and high quality products, while maintaining the standards and quality of our current products at the most competitive prices which makes us different from our competitors. We hope in the coming years, that we continue to grow and as always, we hope to supply the best quality products to our customers around the world.
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