Metallogen (Pvt.) Ltd

Metallogen (Pvt.) Ltd

The history of company is correlated with Metallogen GmbH , which was established in early 1950s. The company was reputed as one of the most trusted stick electrodes manufacturer. Jawwad & Waqqas (Pvt.) Ltd. bought Metallogen Gmbh on May 19, 2003. This included special stick electrodes manufacturing line, laboratory equipment & technical know how to manufacture complete range of Metallogen brand products.
Special Stick Welding Electrodes manufacturing line was dismantled from Germany , moved and installed in Pakistan . The manufacturing unit started operations in November 2003. Since then the company has grown tremendously with a market share exceeding 70% and its products being used in major industrial sectors. Incorporation of this industry has resulted in availability of low cost maintenance solutions for major industrial applications.

Our research and development efforts are facilitated by the same German scientists who worked with Metallogen GmbH. Our close interaction with them keeps us at pace with meeting new challenges whether it's about developing a new product or improving stichiometry of an existing alloy. Regular quarterly visits of German consultants ensure that we meet or even exceed quality standards laid by Metallogen GmbH.

Strict quality assurance procedures are observed during all the phases of stick electrode manufacturing life cycle. Besides standard quality assurance practices raw materials are imported only from ISO certified European sources, which originally sourced Metallogen GmbH.
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