Piercing Systems Pakistan Pvt Ltd

Piercing Systems Pakistan Pvt Ltd

ppStudex is the worlds largest manufacturer of ear piercing studs, instruments and ear piercing supplies. With a production capacity in excess of two hundred million studs over a year, Studex supplies over eighty five percent of the worldwide ears piercing market. Studex piercing products are created to perfection in U.S.A with highest quality US medical grade metal under the authority of United State Food & Drug Administrator (USFDA) and E.C. regulation.rn Studex piercing systems are known to be the only safest piercing systems in the world, offers you piercing with 100% accuracy and ease, all piercing studs are packed and sterilized to exceed (FDA) and E.C. regulation. Piercing Systems Pakistan Private Limited is the member of Studex group, dedicated to supply highest quality piercing studs and safest piercing systems to Pakistan market.PSP is committed to customers success by delivering the support and dedication that is required of the market leader/p/p
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