SkyElectric Private Limited

SkyElectric Private Limited

SkyElectric Private Limited, SkyElectric is a privately held provider of intelligent energy solutions, based in Florida, United States, and with operations in Islamabad and other cities in Pakistan. SkyElectric offers an intelligent solar, grid and battery solution engineered to supply reliable energy for consumers in markets with unstable grids from the cleanest and cheapest cost sources.
SkyElectric systems are complete packages including solar panels, smart energy inverters and smart energy battery packs that come pre-integrated with energy visibility and energy management software.
SkyElectric Systems are cloud connected and relay power, health and fault information to cloud servers accessible to technical personnel 24/7. This information is also visible in a downloadable smartphone App, as well as an interactive, built-in console tablet. By combining grid intelligence, solar intelligence and battery intelligence, SkyElectric’s goal is to build an affordable, clean and intelligent distributed power grid, managed via the Internet, across the Developing World. SkyElectric aims to provide a true evolution in your home or business energy architecture, providing high energy reliability with always-on power, local solar energy production and storage, intelligent energy management to lower costs and 24/7 remote monitoring and maintenance over the Internet.
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