Sustainable Development Policy Institute

Sustainable Development Policy Institute

Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) is a leading policy think tank that has been in operation since 1992. Sustainable Development Policy Institute's main responsibility in the mandate is to conduct policy advice and policy oriented research. The other part of the mandate is concerned with the implementation of policies and programs, strengthening the civil society, disseminating research findings and contributing to the building up the national research capacity and infrastructure. Hence, SDPI in its mandate differs from other think tanks, in that it will not only recommend but also help implement.SDPI defines sustainable development as the enhancement of peace, social justice and well-being within and across generations. SDPI produces knowledge that can enhance the capacity of government to make informed policy decisions and to engage civil society on issues of public interest. The Institute acts as both a generator of original research on sustainable development issues and as an information resource for concerned individuals and institutions. SDPI's function is thus two-fold: an advisory role fulfilled through research, policy advice and advocacy; and an enabling role realized through providing other individuals and organizations with resource materials and training. SDPI's research program is multi-disciplinary and problem-oriented. It is an iterative and flexible program that evolves and changes with policy needs, research capacity and interest.

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