Transnet Communications Limited

Transnet Communications Limited

Transnet Communications was founded in May 1995, and launched its services in May 1997. The Company is privately held, with venture backing form is other group Companies H&S Computer Systems, Hydro Sealers, MDIC Inc, Trans Pacific DATA Inc. Transnet Communications were incorporated in 1998 to cater the burgeoning needs of a rapidly evolving corporate infrastructure in telecommunication. With deregulation & privatization radically altering the way business was conducted in Pakistan, new information systems is the need for the strategic, management, operational and transactional decision making in the growing corporations. Transnet Communications filled this requirement by providing a one-stop-shop for information systems and technology.
Following the principles of information system management and design, Transnet Communications analyzes information needs for decision making design robust and reliable information system using the most efficient system topology and infrastructure, and build highly effective, adaptable an robust information systems that are most relevant to the information needs of the concern corporation. Transnet Communications adheres strictly to project management methodologies and takes pride in producing some of the lowest turnaround times for the design, installation, testing and prototyping, documentation and audit information systems in the countries.
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