Wi-Tribe Pakistan Limited

Wi-Tribe Pakistan Limited

wi-tribe provides quality internet services in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Faisalabad and Karachi. The core of wi-tribe is defined by three distinct elements: Customer-Centricity | Quality | Human Capital These three elements have contributed to making wi-tribe what it is today, making it possible for our customers to freely access the online world whenever they wish. Promising a refreshing and fun-loving experience, wi-tribe aims to remain the broadband provider of choice. Offering a diverse range of products and services, wi-tribe believes in empowering customers with choices that suit their dynamic lifestyles. We work to offer value for money with diversified product portfolios such as package offerings for all kinds of users, whether they are coming online for the first time, or looking for the next level of broadband. As a proud corporate citizen, wi-tribe also emphasizes on its social responsibility, focusing on supporting education, creating awareness and showcasing how technology brings smiles throughout Pakistan. Backed by unrivalled experience, knowledge and ability, wi-tribe, an Ooredoo Group company, launched commercial services in Pakistan on July 1, 2009. With a refreshed brand, wi-tribe is geared to be a market leader, always bringing innovative offerings and methods to ‘bridge the broadband gap’ as an ‘enabler’ to increase the broadband market by continuously diversifying and simplifying online access.
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