02 months working experience as Finance Coordinator during the Internship at PTCL Regional Office Hyderabad in the field of Finance.
Recently doing a private job as Computer Operator at Indus Autos Dadu affiliated with Atlas Honda Limited since 1st March 2018.

Proven written and verbal Communication skills in National Language Urdu as well as in an International Language English.
Proficiency in Ms Word, Ms Excel and SAP (system application program) with a typing speed of 50 words per minute.

Talking about the experience mentioned above I would like to share the activities I performed during my Internship in PTCL Company and Private Job at Indus Autos Dadu. During my internship I worked on SAP software to keep the record of all the employees and their salaries as well as their pension matters. Not only this, but I worked on Customer Care Service to guide customers about the services provided by PTCL.
The competitive advantage a company is supposed to get by hiring me, is my communication skills and typing speed and dealing with customes; which is really going to contribute in the best performance of a company.
While working at Indus Autos was also a great experience as it made me able to communicate and deal with customers regarding many services like sale of All Honda products and issuance of Registration Letters.

Now, the conclusion of all the discussion above is that with all the experience and skills mentioned above, I am quite confident to work in any company in any situation using all the skills and experience I have. I am sure I will contribute in the success of the company or organization that is supposed to give me an opportunity to perform my services.


Research Paper on Business, IT and Economics


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Computer Operator
Indus Autos Dadu affiliated with Atlas Honda Limited.
Mar 2018 - Present | Dadu, Pakistan

working at Indus Autos Dadu is a great experience. It involves dealing with customers on daily basis regarding sale of Honda Products, maintaining claim cases that a company provides for customers in case there is any fault in any product manufactured by the Honda company.

secondly, issuing the registration letters is also under my authority which makes me communicate with at least 30 to 40 different customers on daily basis. Not only this, but this job provides me opportunity to work with my team which belongs to different backgrounds. So it is great to work with people from diverse backgrounds.

I hope with this experience I get an opportunity to work in even more reputed organizations with more challenging tasks to accomplish.

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Finance Coordinator
PTCL Regional Office Hyderabad
Jun 2016 - Jul 2016 | Hyderabad, Pakistan

During 4 years study of Business Administration in Sindh University Campus Dadu, I was required to do at leat a single internship in a well known company of Pakistan. Keeping in view the requirement of degree I chose to work in PTCL Company and I applied in PTCL Regional Office Hyderabad near Hyder Chowk. With the grace of Almighty Allah my request was granted and I got chance to do internship in PTCL in the field of Finance as Finance Coordinator. I started working there from 1st of June 2016 under the guidance of Mr. Abdul Amin Lakhani (Finance Coordinator), Mr. Masood Ahmed Shahani (Manager Finance) and Mr. Abdul Ghaffar (Manager Revenue).
This internship course helped me familiarize with the practical manipulation of business organization. Apart from that what I learned from that experience that how organizations manage their teams to achieve their common goals.
In that company we worked on SAP (System Application Program) software and in this short span of time I went through many practical activities which are given below.
Parking/widows BF parking
Issuance of Demand Draft (DD)
Voucher Description
File put up
Finally, with all the experience I got from that internship and the Job I am doing recently, I am confident that I can work in any Company with a satisfactory performance by using all my communication and technical skills.


University of Sindh
Bachelors, Bachelors in Business Administration, BBA‎
M.Phil in Governance and Organizational Sciences
CGPA 3.4/4
, F.Sc Pre-Medical‎
Percentage 70%
, Matric in Science‎
Percentage 80%


Less than 1 YearCommunication Skills
Less than 1 YearComputer skills
Less than 1 YearManagement skills
Less than 1 YearSpeaking skills


Expert Urdu
Intermediate English