I have worked in the IT industry for 5 years, ultimately gaining experience in Devops, cloud computing, system administration and web development.
I am always trying my best to bring 100% to the work i do , and my goal as a Software engineer is to complete each and every project in a way which is beneficial for my organization as well as for my personal learning.
Currently I am responsible for developing applications using python and bash , deploying virtual test environment using containers and virtual machines and deploying scaleable and distributed infrastructures using data center service orchestrator.
Development: Python, Bash, JavaScript, PHP, Java, Apache, Yii, CakePHP, Flask, Django

Front-End Development: AngularJs, D3Js, Javascript, Htmlt, Bootstrap, Jquery mobile

Virtualization/Cloud Technologies: kvm, vmware, virtualbox, lxc-containers, docker, Data-center service orchestrator, open-stack, Aws, google

Databases: Mysql, Elastic search, MongoDb, Cassandara

Message brokers: kafka, RabbitMQ

Monitoring tools: Shinken, Monasca, Graylog

Distributions: Centos, Ubuntu

Automation & Testing: Chef, jenkins, selenium , Robot-Framework

Networks: SDN, Quagga

For my personal development I am always interested currently doing System Administration certification.


Monitoring as a service
Shinken Distributed Architecture
Data Center Orchestrator
Clean build Room
C! Tool Chain


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Python | Devops Support Engineer
Techknox Systems
Dec 2013 - Present | Lahore, Pakistan

Responsible for development/deployment of distributed and scalable architectures with lxc-
containers and kvm in data center service orchestrator tool dcso (dcso is in house tool build for Iaas
cloud . It is successfully deployed in Dtag). Develop and deployed monitoring framework with kafka, logstash, elasticsearch and kibana on ipv4 and ipv6 in DCSO, also deploy scalable and distributed shinken monitoring infrastructure using Dcso.
My other reposiblities in Techknox are to create virtual test environment to developers to test the their code in different
environments with different ip versions, create virtual routed networks with Quagga and network namespaces , writing python code to create redhat base Vm for in house tool to build virtual machines, developed and deployed a Bash and Python base project to create an environment to build virtual machines locally without Internet ,deployed Automated CI tool chain with Git, Gerrit. Jenkins, Gearman zuul and trac, developed a python and selenium based project to install and configure CI tool chain in data-center, created distributed architecture with grafana, mongodb and elasticsearch to collect and analyze the logs, creating docker files and automation scripts with docker, docker compose, used chef workstation and server to automate the applications like devstack, develop web projects using Php, Python, AngularJs and D3JS , created databases architecture in mysql ,writing and managing the web applications code in cakePHP and Yii Framework, fixing bugs and giving support to the customers and converting web site designs in to bootstrap and then converting it to cakphp and Yii template engine language.

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Web Developer
Jun 2013 - Nov 2013 | Lahore, Pakistan

My responsibilities in phanteams were to create databases architecture in mysql, writing web applications code in cakephp, writing fronted coding in JQuery, ajax and JavaScript, managing and controlling the web application code with sub version and converting plain html in to cakephp template engine language.

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Web developer
SEO Work
Sep 2012 - Mar 2013 | Islamabad, Pakistan

My Responsibilities in seowork were to writing code in Yii framework, creating mobile websites in JQuery mobile, writing fronted coding in JQuery, ajax and JavaScript creating scrapers and crawlers on customer demands to grab classifieds from
different sites , customer support and bug fixing , managing the customer websites and converting html templates in Yii template language.


Namal College Mianwali
Bachelors, , BSc Computing‎
Sotware Development


Less than 1 YearAnsible
3 Years Apache
1 yearCHEF
4 Years DevOps
1 yearDocker
2 Years HTML5
Less than 1 YearJava
2 Years JavaScript
2 Years Jenkins
2 Years Jquery
2 Years Kvm
2 Years Lxc Containers
3 Years MySQL
3 Years PHP
2 Years Python
1 yearSDN
2 Years Virtualization


Expert Urdu
Intermediate English