Electrical Engineers with 4 years of work experience in KESC BIN QASIM POWER PLANT and FAUJI FERTILIZER BIN QASIM LTD under general direction, applying their skills and expertise to generate solutions that require development or sustainment of new or improved techniques, procedures, or products. Responsibilities include assisting with planning, conducting, and evaluating approaches to meet project objectives in a timely, cost-effective fashion.


Mitsubishi PLC Control System
DC Drives / AC Drives Installation
5kW Solar Panel Installation


Company Logo
Electrical Engineer
Future Soft Group
Sep 2011 - Present | Karachi, Pakistan


Bahria University
Bachelors, , Bachelors of Engineering‎


3 Years Alliance Formation
5+ Years AutoCAD
5+ Years C
4 Years C++
2 Years Cimco
4 Years Commercial Business Development
4 Years Content Partnerships
2 Years Corporate - Hospitals
4 Years Corporate - IT Department
5+ Years Corporate - Marketing Departments
4 Years Corporate - Procurement / Administration Departmen
4 Years CubeCart
5+ Years Distributors
4 Years Embedded Software
4 Years Establishing Strategic Partnerships
3 Years Global Business Development
2 Years Government
4 Years Government Business Development
4 Years High Networth Individuals
5+ Years Individuals / Consumers
5+ Years Partner Development
5+ Years Regional Banks
2 Years Retailers
5+ Years Rural Markets
4 Years Strategic Sales


Intermediate English