I am a technically sophisticated Information Systems Engineer who brings along 20 years of experience in Software Development, System Administration, Maintenance/Operations and Support. I am adept at Software Application and deployment experience using iSeries AS/ 400 Utilities SDA, RLU, DFU, COBOL, RPG, RPGILE, SQLCBL, QM/400, CL/400, DB2, SQL, PL/SQL, Java Script, XSLT, HTML, CSS etc. I have completed B.E. in Computer Systems from Mehran University of Engineering & Technology Jamshoro and Post-Graduation Certification in Oracle 9i (DBA Track) from NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi, Pakistan.

My key skills include test development & execution, IT projects management, user training & support, system development life cycle (sdlc), IT storage solutions systems implementation, technical troubleshooting and as400 system management.

My technical proficiencies include:
Operating System: MS-DOS, OS/400 (V5R4), V7R1 (IBM i), Window7, 8, 10
Languages: RPG, RPGILE, CL/400, COBOL, SQLCBL, PL/SQL, Java Script, XSLT, HTML, CSS
RDBMS: DB2/400, Oracle 9i, SQL Server 2012

I am currently engaged with InfoTech Limited, Karachi, as Senior Technology Consultant, where I am responsible for installing IBM i V7.1, installing Misys Equation 3.9 for new user as well as upgrading Equation 3.9 to FBEQ4.3 while using HMC. Attached is my resume which showcases my progressive experience and successful track record for leading successful initiatives. My professional background and great industrial exposure coupled with an excellent track record makes me an ideal candidate for executive roles. As such, I would welcome a discussion regarding opportunities with your organization that fit my background.


Restriction of Data Downloading and User Logs activities
 Automation of Movement Account Delinquency (MAD) for NPL Accounts


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Senior Technology Consultant
InfoTech Limited
Jul 2016 - Present | Karachi, Pakistan

Technical Scope: IBM i V7, Power6+ machine, LPAR, HMC, Misys Equation 3.9, upgrading Equation 3.9 to FBEQ4.3
Exercised hands-on approach to install IBM i V7.1 on Power6+ machine making LPAR by using HMC, install Misys Equation 3.9 for new user as well as upgrade Equation 3.9 to FBEQ4.3. Acquired training on Mysis Core banking application FBEQ-System Operations and Troubleshooting.
Key Achievements:
• Gained hands-on training for upgrading Misys Equation version from 3.9 to FBEQ4.3.
• Trained on Equation Technical-SDK as well as on Misys FBCC Technical-SDK.
• Demonstrated keen attention to the details to analyze Misys Equation source codes for the Unit Creation.
• Achieved MISYS Certified Associate Technical (Fusion Banking Corporate Channels).

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Senior Advisory Software Engineer
Systems Limited
Jul 2015 - Jun 2016 | Karachi, Pakistan

• Provided detailed documentation as well as analyzed and produced detail-focused HBL-Discovery Report on the rationalization of in-house Application Software (on the top of Misys).

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Manager Data Center
Pakistan Revenue Automation Limited (PRAL)
Feb 2009 - Jun 2015 | Karachi, Pakistan

Technical Scope: PRAL, System Administrators, OS/400 security, MIMIX, CL/400, RPG/LE and SQL
Extensively coordinated with Manager Data Center with PRAL, a company owned by FBR, developed and spearheaded cross-functional operations’ team (System Administrators and system operators for 3 iSeries). Designed and devised disaster recovery plans, security plans, system and application data auditing. Orchestrated all bottom-line factors to deploy OS/400 security and application security, by developing programs using CL language.

Key Achievements:
• Utilized well-rounded engineering experience to install Licensed Programs, installation of PTFs. Monitored the security events by auditing the user profiles and handled the local and remote journaling on physical files.
• Credited for configuring and ensuring smooth operations of software for data replication between the Production and Backup Machines, customized framework for the switching of two iSeries Servers with Zero rpo.
• With a focus towards continuous improvement; designed, developed and deployed the application that secures, restricts and logs user’s activities while data downloading from iSeries.
• Reduced client phone calls/emails by 35% through devising an application based on CL/400, RPG/LE and SQL.

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Senior System Administrator
Pakistan Revenue Automation Limited (PRAL)
Dec 2002 - Dec 2008 | Karachi, Pakistan

Technical Scope: PTFs, MIMIX, Twinax remote controllers, ASCII MUX 2000 and ASCII Access server
Working as Senior System Administrator, responsible for Installation of Licensed Programs, installation of PTFs. Monitor the security events by auditing the user profiles. Manage the local and remote journaling on physical files. Configuration, smooth operations of MIMIX software for data replication between the Production and Backup Machines, customize the framework for the switching of two iSeries Servers without delay time.
Key Achievements:
• Configured, maintained and resolved issues regarding 22 branch sites (these include radio modems, routers, switches Domain controllers) and their online connectivity with AS/400 & Oracle Servers for more than 500 users.
• Administered Database, communication management on multi- platforms (Twinax remote controllers, ASCII MUX 2000 and ASCII Access server) Create/maintain users’ profiles, group profiles and assigns authorities.
• Defined User profiles policy, user data rights for 500 users. Enrolled users and maintained system security. Controlled and monitored user access to the database and optimized the performance of the database.

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Senior Software Engineer
Pakistan Revenue Automation Limited (PRAL)
Jan 1997 - Nov 2002 | Karachi, Pakistan

Technical Scope: Training & Support, User Trainings, Automated Data Migration System (AS/400 to ORACLE 9i).
Integral part of Software Development Team, positioned to manage user requirement gathering, business process analysis and modeling, system analysis, design, development and Implementation of Application Software, user Training & Support as well as initiating changed focused initiatives for existing application software.
Key Achievements:
• Reviewed operations to streamline engineering processes and provide system training, best practices and project-based leadership to team members resulting in a 20 percent reduction in development time.
• Worked collaboratively across function to tight timeframes to deliver a wide range of functional enhancements and performance improvements to dozens of existing menu-based applications
Key Projects:
• Y2K-Project of Pakistan Customs (Imports) • Auction Management System
• Automated Clearance Process (ACP) System • Examination System
• Selectivity and Risk Assessment (SARA) System • Automated Data Migration System (AS/400 to ORACLE 9i)


Mehran University of Engineering & Technology
Bachelor (14 Years), , B.E.(Computer Systems)‎
Grade A


5+ Years iSeries development


Expert Urdu
Intermediate English