I have over 6 year's experience in social and corporate sector especially in project management, social mobilization, research and advocacy with different INGO, NGO and consultancy firms.


WISE: Water, Immunization, Sanitation & Education Project
Prime Minister’s National Health Program
Empowerment, Voice and Accountability for Better Health and Nutrition
EPI Operational Research in Two High Risk Districts of Punjab
Building Resilient Communities through Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction
End of Programme Evaluation of UNICEF's Sanitation Programme in Pakistan
Saaf Pani Sath”-Package 2 managed by AWAZ-CDS & MDF Funded by PSPC
Local Adaptation Plan of Action (LAPA) funded by Lead Pakistan
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Social Mobilization Officer
National Rural Support Programme (NRSP)
Jul 2018 - Feb 2019 | Khushab, Pakistan

1. Identification of all Public drinking water sources as per android survey findings and Update status of labelling of tested drinking water sources.
2. Record of HHs receiving Chlorine tablets through CRPs.
3. Record of HH visits done by CRPs for follow up regarding HHs adopting water treatment/Accessing drinking water from tested sources.
4. Cumulative data summary will be prepared by the responsible district focal person.
5. Representatives of VOs will be identified for ensuring immunization of target group.
6. Data collection of cumulative summary of vaccine wise immunization of children 0-23 months and women 15-49 years from EPI office in coordination with assigned vaccinators of the target union councils.
7. Target and achievements as per government will be collected and percentage of achievement will be calculated as per government guidelines.
8. Referral of newborns/defaulters/pregnant women to BHU/RHC by CRPs.
9. Development of Micro plans with the EPI staff including all the areas of the target union councils.
10. Participants to be encouraged to bring EPI/Antenatal Cards or NIC Cards during sessions to have an idea of immunization practices.
11. Identification of Defaulters and regular follow ups will be carried out.
12. Update the record of ODF Declared villages.
13. Ensure HHs adopting solid waste disposal methods.
14. Record of Intermediary sites/Dust bins installed/constructed to be updated accordingly.
15. Coordination Meetings with TMA/UC Chairman or any other relevant institution on quarterly basis.
16. Data of out of school children to be collected along with the data of previous enrolment and new enrollment from government- AEO office and private schools especially during or immediately after the enrollment months.
17. Coordination Meetings with Education Department on bimonthly basis for sharing of issues and satisfaction of parents regarding quality of education.
18. Trends in enrollment will be followed up with the government

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District Coordinator
National Rural Support Programme (NRSP)
Jan 2018 - Jun 2018 | Bhakkar, Pakistan

1. Monitor PMNHP at Tehsil level.
2. Address grievance of beneficiaries in securing treatment at empanelled health care facilities.
3. Monitor surveys conducted in Tehsil from time to time.
4. Liaison with the District Health Authorities for PMNHP implementation in the Tehsil Bhakkar.
5. Liaison with private sector empanelled health care facilities in the district in providing quality medical services to the beneficiaries of PMNHP.
6. Prepare a monthly field plan for monitoring of activities, events and ensure that deadlines and targets are achieved and all the relevant information is collected.
7. Carry out field monitoring visits to collect data, on predesigned monitoring instruments, through observation, personal interviews and taking photographs (if feasible).
8. Verify that program services are properly distributed or availed under the project.
9. Compile and hand over completed monitoring instruments, forms to the manager of the assignment along with additional notes and photographs.
10. Update the manager of the assignment on the progress of monitoring events through weekly reports and contribute in development of monthly monitoring reports.
11. Develop and maintain good contacts and working relationships with the key project counterparts.
12. Responsible for maintaining servers and workstations of the Program.
13. Immediately inform the manager and take remedial action in case of any issue related to PMNHP Project.

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Community Mobilization Officer
Palladium Pakistan
Jun 2017 - Nov 2017 | Bhakkar, Pakistan

Specific Tasks

1. Identify and recruit the members of the Community Groups based on the criteria defined by EVA Project.
2. Guide the process of identification of the Core Group members and community.
3. Coordinator within the broader Community Groups as per CG operational guidelines.
4. Support the CG coordinator to arrange and conduct monthly meetings of the group.
5. Support the Coordinator and the Core Group members in completing the Community Based Monitoring (CBM) checklist for the health facilities.
6. Assist the Project Officer to collect data for CBM and provide feedback to the community group.
7. Assist the Project Officer to conduct trainings for the Community Groups.
8. Assist the Project Officer to set-up listener clubs for the Talk Back Radio component.
9. Maintain and records and the documentation for the CG activities such as minutes of meetings, updated membership list, contact lists, demand logs etc.
10. Record and maintain attendance sheets of the participants for CG activities along with minutes of the meeting and maintain adequate record for membership.
11. Assist and support the Project Officer to deliver EVA Key Messages as and when required.
12. Performing any other tasks as agreed with the Project Officers.

Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) and Reporting

1. Monitor meetings of Community Groups and submit monitoring reports.
2. Ensure routine data recording using CBM checklist and timely submission of data/records to the Project Officer.

Supervisory Responsibility
1. Monitor and facilitate the CG coordinators
2. Maintain close liaison with the Voice and Accountability, Policy Advocacy and Media Teams.
3. Coordinate with community elders, notables and local civil society organisations in the area.

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Field Social Organizer
Doaba Foundation
Oct 2016 - Apr 2017 | Bhakkar, Pakistan

1. Collect, maintain and regularly update all relevant data and sharing with other staff whenever required.
2. Signing TOP with project committees for successful project implementation.
3. Must ensure the communities participation at all levels of project activities implementation.
4. Facilitate village project committee in purchase process for different project activities.
5. Making arrangements to link community with line departments and other organizations.
6. Capacity building of village project committee.
7. Preparation of daily/weekly and monthly reports.

Doaba’s methodology
1. Ensure women participation, focusing primarily on the poor and destitute, at all levels of decision making including identification, planning/ designing, implementation, maintenance, monitoring and evaluating of project activities.
2. Develop ways and means to enhance women’s participation in all village activities.
3. Identify issues relating to women’s empowerment and their reporting.
4. FSO will be accountable to project communities, project staff, senior management and all other stakeholders who are directly or indirectly influenced by any decision.
5. Will be responsible to complete any other assignment given by Doaba management.

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Project Facilitator
National Rural Support Programme (NRSP)
Dec 2015 - Jul 2016 | Sargodha, Pakistan

1. Preparation of field work plan
2. upervise and coordinate a team of 3 to 6 enumerators
3. Plan and assign daily targets
4. Daily coordination with survey coordinator as well as field team
5. Monitor data quality
6. To ensure that all data has been properly collected

Social Mobilization:

1. Raising awareness about Health & Health Insurance
2. Arranging and conducting community meeting in approx. 80 villages of Sargodha district
3. Marketing and offering of additional insurance policies according to roll-out procedure.
4. Field Research Assistant: Collection of detail insurance uptake information in the field using experimental methods.
5. Prepare and submitted daily progress report to Program Coordinator.

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Community Mobilization Officer
Awaz-CDS & MDF
Feb 2015 - Jul 2015 | Bahawalnagar, Pakistan

1. Conduct rapid assessment at Tehsil level
2. Formation of Saaf Pani Committees (SPCs)
3. Ensure the ownership of the community
4. Increase awareness on Safe Drinking water
5. Provision of Capacity building training to strengthening Saaf Pani Committees
6. Opening bank account and registered SPCs through Social Welfare Department
7. Develop linkages with Govt department
8. Message dissemination through IEC material
10. Prepare and submitted reports to Community mobilization Manager

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Field Coordinator
Sanjh foundation
Nov 2012 - Dec 2014 | Muzaffargarh, Pakistan

Field Coordination Roles
1. Oversee and review all aspect of field work on daily basis
2. Responsible for coordination, consolidating and ensuring smooth implementation of program activities.
3. Plan and implement the training of field team
4. Review all data collection forms for consistency and completeness
5. Monitor and coordinate with Field of 4 SOs.
6. Attend coordination meeting's and then deliver to Field team in all aspects.
7. Develop linkages with agriculture & irrigation department.

Mobilization Roles

1. Verified process of Identification and selection of beneficiaries.
2. Coordinate and facilitate of 5 Village Organization (VOs) & 5 Child Youth Groups (CYGs).
3. Strengthened of Emergency Response Committees.
4. Develop village contingency plan of each community.
5. Increase awareness on early warning system (Especially Flood).
6. Displaying Village Contingency Plan at prominent places.
7. Provision of Capacity building training to VOs & CYGs on CCDRM.
8. Develop Linkages with Govt department and networking of Flood Effected Communities.
9. Provision of Mock Drills exercises.
10. Develop linkage with Govt Department.
11. Message dissemination through IEC material (DRR manual).
12. Construction of Culverts and river blockages.
13. Prepare and submitted daily, monthly and quarterly reports to Program Coordinator.

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Data Entry Operator
Doaba Foundation
Sep 2014 - Oct 2014 | Muzaffargarh, Pakistan

1. Enter data, via computer, pertaining to the services provided by organization.
2. roofread and verify data entered.
3. Ensure accuracy of all information entered.
4. Make corrections as needed.
5. Assist with routine office duties such as typing and record maintenance as workload permits.
6. Perform related work as assigned.
7. Protects organization's value by keeping information confidential.

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District Supervisor
AAN Associates.
Mar 2014 - Jul 2014 | Rajanpur, Pakistan

1. Become familiar with your Supervisory Area
2. reparation of field work plan
3. Identification of the target areas and recruit the team
4. Logistics Planning and managing before field
5. Over all coordination with Field team
6. Distribute assignments to each enumerator under your supervision
7. Provide assistance in any kind of emergency and ensure the field team safety
8. Ensure Coordination with monitoring team and provide assistance
9. Control and monitor the overall work/activities
10. In case of Village Replacement then inform the Field Manager
11. Check, review and signed the questionnaire of enumerator on daily basis
12. Ensure the Quality of data
13. Submitted original invoices and field bills to Head Offices


Bahauddin Zakariya University
Masters, Masters in Science, Masters in Sociology‎
Research Method, Sociological Theory
CGPA 3.2/4


5+ Years Ability to work under pressure
5+ Years Capacity Building
5+ Years Community mobilization
5+ Years Goal oriented
5+ Years Monitoring and Evaluation
5+ Years Planning and research skills.
5+ Years Problem Solving
5+ Years Project Management
5+ Years Report Writing
5+ Years Teamwork and interpersonal skills.


Intermediate English
Expert Saraiki
Expert Punjabi
Expert Urdu