Over 7 years of IT experience including 5 Years in Financial Organizations solutions-oriented IT Professional with proven success & to obtain a middle to high level career as an AIX Administrator
Continuous progress on both professional and personal fronts through all round skills with emphasis on assigned targets. Hard work and team spirit thereby anticipating and meeting the challenging arising in the contemporary competitive business environment integrity and given to sustained hard work. And if provide with an opportunity I shall try my level best in satisfying my superiors in rightful. Learn each and everything that contribute best for the growth of the organization by continues developing and sharing my skill ability.


Migration SQL Database 2008 to SQLDatabase 2012


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Core Systems & Database Administrator
First Women Bank Limited
Feb 2016 - Present | Karachi, Pakistan

 Systems administration – configuration, testing and deployment of IT solutions

 Coordinate with team lead and peers to prepare SOP’s for branch operations.

 Perform close of business daily basis.

 Database Administration – Manage & verify all UAT & live backups.

 Deployment updates and Change Requests in Live Server.
 Holiday marking on Production & UAT envoirment for COB
 Manage & maintain Live & UAT SMS servers & ATM servers.
 Managing MIS servers for reports deployment, configuration, and updates and provide support to users end.
 Create and maintain environments of SQL2012 Database for development and testing.
 Monitoring, Tuning, Maintenance and Space management of Live Database Production and UAT servers.
 Providing first level support to branches and users of different department of AB II application, handling technical issues, parameterization of application modules i.e. Online module, Zakat, TDR etc. as per SOC. Defining new products in system. Handling of account service charges, profit payment, charges etc.
 Manage onsite & off sites backup securely.
 Creating new database users & granting privileges for users.
 Develop skills related to configuration of products/solutions in business applications.
 Provide functional support to end users of business applications.
 Coordinate with vendors and articulate business issues to define the requirement or problem to the vendor for their understanding of the incident or change.
 Develop and apply skills with respect to technical research from troubleshooting perspective.
 Update KIBOR rates in Live systems on daily basis.

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System Administrator
NIB Bank
Jun 2013 - Feb 2016 | Karachi, Pakistan

Execute COB on the Temenos Core Banking System after closure of business hours.
Incase of any COB related issues co-ordinate with HD Team India for resolution.
Execute different routine for extracts and process after completion of COB process.
Deploy DL on UAT & Production envoirment for update in T24 Application.
Deploy Patches for upgrading & correction in T24 envoirment.
Holiday marking on Production & UAT envoirment for COB.
Observe COB performance and timing through JT,RT & update to COB team lead.
Restoration of T24 Application & Database backup for create new UAT Envoirment.
Upload Statics & A/c Closure for update customer ac info & Data upload for financial impact.
Execute Incidental charges on monthly basis.
Basic knowledge of T24 Architecture, TC Server, MQ, WAS, T24 Administration
T24 performance monitors through Temenos Connector (TC) Monitor.
Working on IBM- Pseries Power7 machines in AIX OS environment.
Monitor AIX performance CPU utilization, checking Memory & paging If any issue found co- ordinate with Admins for resolution or any other hardware problem, co-ordinate with IBM vendors.
Allocate memory &CPU to other server if they need more CPU/memory for better performance.
Observe physical health fitness of HMC.
Take DB’s & Application backups bef & aft close of business on daily basis using tar,gzip,zip
IBM AIX servers space checking and take important backups, create space.
IBM H/W infrastructure knowledge (Servers, N/W, Security, SAN Storage)
Management of file permission and ownership of important files and directories
Familiar with SMITTY, space management, and User Account management and password reset.
Working on daily Incidents and requests on production and test Environments.
Take backups of Database & Application on LTO drive through SAN on daily basis.
Execute EOD of Finnone Loan Management System (LMS) after closure of

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IT Operation Engineer
Silk Bank Limited.
Nov 2009 - Jun 2013 | Karachi, Pakistan

Execution of T24COB on the bank's centralized Core Banking System after closure of business
In case of any mishap co-ordinate with Temenos CSHD team for resolution.
Execute manually COB on test envoirment for testing.
Installation, upgrading & patching on T24 environments.
Basic knowledge of T24 Architecture, TC Server, MQ, WAS, T24 Administration.
Knowledge of IBM AIX system.
Tune up TC Server & ATM Services.
Performance monitoring through TC Monitor.
Look after Data Center, SAN, NAS, IBM P770 machines.
Observe health fitness of IBM systems hardware.
Take backup of DB other applications through IBM System Storage.
Monitoring system status and ensure all systems are up.
Files system space maintaining on database.
Providing an environment with reliable conditions for temperature, humidity housing of servers UPS.
Execute Card pro Credit Card System End of day & Start of day on daily basis.
ATM transaction, maintenance and health reports generation.
Maintenance of ATMs.
Phoenix maintenance by coordination with vendor.
ATM Monitoring and management with Insight & Phoenix.
Coordinate with branches, banking support staff for the resolution of T24, ADC transactions issues.
To assist & provide first point of support for branch staff for smooth day to day computer operations.
Executing PL, AL Loan CAMS EOD/SOD.
Generate CAMS reports on daily basis and on demand.
ADC channel monitoring on 24 x 7 basis include ATM health checking, transaction monitoring.
E-statement, SMS generation on daily basis.
Daily routine backups of all critical servers and applications.
Monitor all network links all over Pakistan through NMS WhatsUp Gold 7.0 online system.

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Assistant network & System Administrator
E-Commerce Gateway (Pvt.) Ltd.
Feb 2008 - Jul 2009 | Karachi, Pakistan

 Maintaining and troubleshooting of office Network.
 Secures network by developing network access, monitoring, and documentation.
 Maintains network infrastructure such as switches and routers, or with the behavior of network-attached computers.
 Technical support staff respond to individual users' difficulties instructions and sometimes training, and diagnose and solve common
 Performing backups.
 Applying operating system updates, patches, and configuration
 Installing and configuring new hardware and software.
 Ensuring that the network infrastructure is up and running


Indus Institute of Higher Education
Bachelors, Bachelors in Technology, B.Tech (Electronics)‎
Applied Mathematics


2 Years MS SQL Server
5+ Years Temenos


Intermediate English