I seek a challenging career that gives me a chance to prove my technical and managerial abilities, polishes my skills, and adds to my professional achievements.
An experienced and growth-oriented high-tech business professional with expertise in business, business strategies, marketing strategies, end-end product delivery, deployment, project management. Delivers service excellence through strong client communications attaining a high degree of customer satisfaction and task flexibility.
Situational Leadership
Strong customer communications
High business acumen
Project management
Resource management
Business and marketing analysis
Business process improvement
Quality management methods


Company Logo
Country Manager
E-Jiaxun Optical & Electrical info Co.Ltd
Sep 2012 - Dec 2014 | Qingdao, China


University of Karachi
Bachelors, , Bachelors in Arts‎
English, Economics


2 Years 12 - مهارات استخدام الحاسب الآلي MS: Word- Excel- Power point - Internet Explorer
5+ Years Account Mapping
1 yearBranch Administration
5+ Years Channel Sales
5+ Years Client Aquisition
5+ Years Client Follow-up
5+ Years Closing
5+ Years Cold Calling
5+ Years Commercial Business Development
5+ Years Computer Hardware
2 Years Corporate - Finance Departments
5+ Years Corporate - Hospitals
5+ Years Corporate - HR Departments
5+ Years Corporate - IT Department
5+ Years Corporate - Marketing Departments
5+ Years Corporate - Procurement / Administration Departmen
5+ Years Creating Commission Structures
5+ Years Cross Selling
4 Years Custom CRM
5+ Years Customer Analysis
3 Years Customer Service Management
5+ Years Deal Qualification
5+ Years Direct Sales
5+ Years Distributors
5+ Years End to End Sales
5+ Years Enterprise Technology Sales
5+ Years Establishing Strategic Partnerships
4 Years Event Sponsorship / Booths
5+ Years Executive Presentation Skills
3 Years FMCG
5+ Years for some applications to users and clients. • Configure and maintain MDT Server on Windows Server 2008 for Network based Window Installations. • Visit on complaints and tr
5+ Years Go-to-market Strategy
5+ Years Government
5+ Years Government Business Development
5+ Years Government Contract Negotiations
5+ Years High Networth Individuals
5+ Years Highrise
5+ Years Hiring And Team Building
5+ Years Identifying Sales Opportunities
5+ Years Individuals / Consumers
5+ Years Influential Communicator
5+ Years Institutional Selling
1 yearInternational Business Exposure
5+ Years Internet Services
5+ Years Inventory Planning
4 Years Key Account Management
5+ Years Knowlege of basic computer use
5+ Years Lead Generation
5+ Years Leading Diverse Teams
3 Years Managing Large Teams - 20+ People