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Senior Assistant Chemist
General Tyre And Rubber Company Of Pakistan Limited
Dec 2016 - Present | Karachi, Pakistan

Job Responsibilities:
❑ To monitor Raw Material Samples, Compound Test Results regularly at the Material Testing Laboratory.
❑ Make online changes in the processing equipment just after changes made in specifications to keep the manufacturing process up-to-date.
❑ To issue & confirm Mixing cycles, Curing Cycles, Calendaring and Extrusion Specifications, standard practices on the floor.
❑ To monitor the process parameters of Extruders, Calendars, Mixers, TCU’s & Curing Presses
❑ Regular audit of cure cycles.
❑ To perform the thermo-coupling and assist Departmental Head in establishing Tyre Cure Cycles.
❑ To Prepare monthly raw material consumed reports of Cement House.
❑ To monitor department wise products quality and ensure the other departments are working within specifications.
❑ Issuance of specifications & standard practices on the floor as per GTR Quality Management System (ISO-9001)
❑ To maintain history record of specifications & filing system within the department.
❑ Trouble shooting in assigned areas.
❑ Periodic Follow-up of Butyl Compound Mixing.
❑ To do any other job assigned by the Executive / Sr. Executive / Manager / Sr. Manager.

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Chemical Lab Analyst
Aisha Steel Mills Limited
Jul 2015 - Dec 2016 | Karachi, Pakistan

Job Responsibilities:
❑ Testing of defined parameters of Acid, Rinsing Water, Condensate Water and Residual chloride at PPPL section.
❑ Testing of defined parameters of Cold Rolling Emulsion and Residual oil on coil surface at CRSM section.
❑ Testing of defined parameters of Skin Pass Oil Emuslion at CRSM section.
❑ Testing of defined parameters of Commercial HCl, Raw water and R.O. Water.
❑ Development of the testing facility/ find alternate method whenever required for a particular test.
❑ Timely reporting of testing performed.
❑ Prepare and update monthly graph of important parameters.

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Production Chemist
Pakistan Beverage Limited, Pepsi Cola Bottler
Aug 2014 - Jun 2015 | Karachi, Pakistan

Job Responsibilities:
❑ Syrup Preparation and Sanitation of Syrup Tank.
❑ Prepare Control Drink from Syrup and Maintain Suggested Brix for the Production of Beverage
❑ Sensory Test of the Beverage
❑ Brix Control in Beverage during Production
❑ Gas Volume Control in Beverage during Production
❑ Control Titratable Acidity in the Beverage during Production
❑ Maintain and control Caustic strength in Bottles washer
❑ Maintain Carbo-cooler Temperature and pressure for the production of Beverages
❑ Verification of EBI Machine(Empty Bottle Inspection)
❑ Verification of Fill Light and Empty Light Inspection
❑ Checking and verification of Blow Molding, Labelling, Packaging and Appearance of Pet Bottles of the Beverage
❑ Perform Torque Test for the capping of Pet Bottles
❑ Perform Secure Seal Test for the verification of seal in Pet Bottles
❑ Sanitation by Chlorine and Oxonia of the Plant after Production.
❑ Documentation and Implementation according to SOPs
❑ Water Analysis: Appearance, Odor, Taste, Total Alkalinity, 2P-M Alkalinity, Chlorine Free & Total, Coagulation via Jar testing, Calcium Hardness, Total Hardness, Interface Testing for Floc, Total Iron, Manganese, Ozone Residual, pH, Silt Density Index, Sludge Settling, TDS, Turbidity.


University of Karachi
Masters, Masters in Business Administration, Project And Industrial Management‎
Project And Insdustrial Management
Grade A
University of Karachi
Masters, , M.Sc. Masters of Science‎
Organic Chemistry


3 Years Chemical Testing
3 Years MS Excel
3 Years MS Outlook
3 Years MS Powerpoint
3 Years MS Word
4 Years Problem Solving Behaviour
1 yearProject Management
2 Years SAP


Intermediate English