A Sports Management graduate from the University of South Wales. I am currently employed as a Senior Content Executive & Editor at Gaditek Pvt. Ltd. My digital marketing experiences are spread over information security, online privacy, eCommerce, streaming and online gaming.

As a bachelors in Marketing I have progressed from the ranks of sales representative, to marketing officer to digital marketer. My inbuilt desire to grow drives my passion to know and hence do more. An athlete since childhood I enjoy sports including football, jogging, swimming, cricket and badminton. I love spending weekends on tv series and movies marathons to relax.


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Senior Content Strategist & eCommerce Content Manager
Mar 2018 - Present | Karachi, Pakistan

eCommerce web store UI optimization
Content Development
Social Media Marketing
SEO optimization
Product Research

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Senior Executive Content & Social Media Marketing
Gaditek Associates Pvt. Ltd.
Oct 2014 - Feb 2018 | Karachi, Pakistan

I began as a content producer at Gaditek, but have quickly progressed up the ranks as a senior executive working within the Elite Team of the company's Project Infinity division.

I have attained excellence in content, got acquainted with SEO and now mastering digital marketing techniques. I have worked on 5 different projects including cloud hosting, information security, user privacy, eCommerce and gaming apps. I have also authored guest blogs for crypto-currency, privacy, data security and eCommerce.

1. Content development
2. Content Strategy
3. Content Marketing
4. Managing content for different stages of the funnel
5. Social Media Marketing
6. eCommerce Blogger

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sales assistant
Nov 2011 - Aug 2013 | South Glamorgan, United Kingdom

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Content Writer
Logicose Pvt. Ltd.
Mar 2011 - Jun 2011 | Karachi, Pakistan

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MCB Bank Limited
Jul 2010 - Sep 2010 | Karachi, Pakistan

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Administration Assistant
Baker & Tilly Chartered Accountants
Feb 2009 - Dec 2009 | Karachi, Pakistan


University of South Wales
Masters, , Postgraduate Diploma‎
Percentage 60%
Institute of Business Management (IoBM)
Bachelors, , BBA‎
Marketing and Finance
Percentage 70%
Private Candidate
Intermediate/A-Level, , A Level‎
Percentage 69%
The City School
Matriculation/O-Level, , O Level‎
Percentage 70%


3 Years Affiliate Marketing
1 yearAlliance Formation
Less than 1 YearBasel Implementation
5+ Years Blogger
Less than 1 YearBookkeeping
Less than 1 YearCapital Budgeting
5+ Years Channel Sales
Less than 1 YearCIA
Less than 1 YearClaims Management
Less than 1 YearCluster Sales
3 Years Commercial Business Development
Less than 1 YearComputational Finance
3 Years Content Editing
3 Years Content Optimization
Less than 1 YearContent Partnerships
Less than 1 YearCorporate - Finance Departments
Less than 1 YearCorporate - Hospitals
2 Years Corporate - HR Departments
4 Years Corporate - IT Department
5+ Years Corporate - Marketing Departments
2 Years Corporate - Procurement / Administration Departmen
5+ Years Corporate Finance
Less than 1 YearCustom CRM
1 yearCustomer
2 Years Customer Analysis
5+ Years Customer Care
5+ Years Customer Service Management
Less than 1 YearCYMA
Less than 1 YearDemantra
4 Years digital content production
3 Years Digital Marketing
1 yearDistributors
Less than 1 YearDrake Tax Software
1 yearE-Commerce
3 Years Enterprise Technology Sales
3 Years Establishing Strategic Partnerships
1 yearFinancial Modeling, Analysis& Valuation
Less than 1 YearFinancial Statement Analysis
Less than 1 YearFixed Asset Management
Less than 1 YearGlobal Business Development
Less than 1 YearGoldMine
Less than 1 YearGovernment
1 yearGovernment Business Development
5+ Years High Networth Individuals
Less than 1 YearHighrise
2 Years Hiring And Team Building
5+ Years Individual Contributor
5+ Years Individuals / Consumers
2 Years Influential Communicator
Less than 1 YearInvoice Discounting


Expert English
Expert Urdu

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