To pursue my career in an organization as an integral part of it and accomplished the job assigned in a better way. I’m looking for a highly challenging and dynamic work environment in which I will be able to enhance my professional skills and would be able to get valuable work experience.
I learned about corrosion in my engineering and attend some courses on it. I learned how corrosion occurs on different metals and how it can be control by applying different methods, specially by Cathodic Protection Technology on large scale areas. To learn this I also work in SNGPL during my internship program. I have also attend the course, name " Basic Principals of Corrosion Control and Cathodic Protection Technology" held in University of the Punjab, Lahore.


University of the Punjab
Bachelors, Bachelors in Engineering, (B.Sc) Metallurgy and Materials Engineering‎
Quality Control, Physical Metallurgy, Corrosion Control
CGPA 3.3/4


1 yearAutoCAD
2 Years Microsoft office 2007


Expert Urdu
Expert English