I have been seeking for long-term employment with an organization who has been seeking for well tailor-made employees.

An organization which may separate the wheat from the chaff and also may appreciate the sweat and blood of their employees. An organization to who I may call my family and second home. I am diligent and have mastered myself upon building up friendly relation with the customers and can subtly magnetize their interest whether if they are uninterested or rebellious customers.

I know how to create the need for the product to get them to sell which certainly plays a key role In any sales campaign.

The success guaranteed experience which I have achieved throughout my career it has truly lustered my skill set and also tinge and transfigured my professional qualities with the promising feature and sharp approaches which really qualifies me a well tailor-made for the call center industry.


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Mar 2016 - Sep 2018 | Karachi, Pakistan

I worked for SquareTrade where the commitments were challenging to perform. The customers were never willing to accept my proposals at all because they used to think the proposals are nothing but a huge conspiracy to trap them. And I also had been working as an outbound sales executive for AT&T when I got transferred to SquareTrade from AT&T but verily the above-mentioned campaign was thought extremely hardcore campaign between the rest of the campaign of the Ibex Global TRG.


I masterly handled the situation by rebuttals wrapped with soft phrases and gave promising solution and convinced them to buy the warranties upon their brand new consumer electronics and retained them and I also achieved the unbeatable record in retentions during my career. Of course, the details of my success proves me as the best tailor-made candidate for your organization.


I achieved the satisfaction of the customers. I handled the rebellious customers as easy as ABC who left from the network of AT&T. I struggled hard in order to win their hearts and restored them back upon the same network because of my hardships and reconciliations. and if we unlock the fact about the existing customers so I was subsiding the existing escalated customers very nicely and sold them successfully the calling plans of AT&T. As an outbound sales executive, I ensured them regarding the calling plan and the services offered by AT&T and due to my such performance, I was also embraced by the authority as a top seller.


Board of Intermediate Education Karachi
Intermediate/A-Level, Faculty of Arts, HUMANITIES‎
Education, Islamic Studies, Sociology
Grade C


3 Years Sales Conversion
5+ Years Advanced English Communication skills.
5+ Years English Fluency
5+ Years Excellent Selling Skills
5+ Years Fluent English
5+ Years Good sales and conveyancing skills required
1 yearHardcore Outbound sales Executive
5+ Years  Attentive listening
3 Years  Call handling tactics
5+ Years  Excellent communication skills
3 Years  Flexible to work in the night shifts
3 Years  Organizational Skills
3 Years Night Shift
2 Years Sales Retention Specialist
3 Years technical skills
5+ Years US Accent


Expert English