Please turn on your javascript Hunain Hafeez - Software Engineer - National Software Developers (CMMI Level-2) - Peshawar, Pakistan


Passionate, responsible and committed software engineer, with a get-it-done, on-time spirit, and more than 5 years of experience coding, implementing and adapting over 12 advanced web applications from use cases and functional requirements using Microsoft Technologies, two-tiered architecture and more.


Online Recruitment System
Vehicle Tracking System
Complaint Management System- Peshawar, KPK Government
HR Management System, Peshawar, KPK Government
Building Plan Approval- Peshawar
Green Bus Management System, Karachi
Wages Protection System, UAE
E-Tender, Peshawar, KPK Government
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Software Engineer
National Software Developers (CMMI Level-2)
Mar 2013 - Present | Peshawar, Pakistan

• Designed and developed up to 3 large scale web projects per year
• Involved in the analysis, design, development and deployment of the applications
• Wrote web services and web API for direct application-to-application interaction
• Developed databases, wrote web services, web API for each of the project that I have worked on
• Trained teams of developers and groups of users
• Provided technical support to the customers

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Web Developers
TechnoBits, Peshawar
Apr 2013 - Mar 2014 | Peshawar, Pakistan


Kohat University of Science & Technology
Bachelors, BCS/BS, Bscs (Hons)‎
Visual programming, Software Engineering 1, Software Engineering 2
CGPA 3.5/4
Kohat University of Science & Technology
Bachelors, BCS/BS, BSCS (Hons)‎
CGPA 3.5/4


1 yearAjax
4 Years AJAX Toolkit
4 Years Asmx Webservices
4 Years
Less than 1 YearASP.NET MVC
2 Years Bootstrap
4 Years C#
2 Years CSS
1 yearJavaScript
Less than 1 YearJquery
4 Years Microsoft SQL
2 Years RESTful architecture
2 Years WEB API
4 Years Web Forms


Expert Urdu
Expert English