I'm an experienced and equally qualified Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Specialist having a Masters degree in Economics along with over eight years experience of managing, designing and implementing Monitoring, Evaluation Accountability and Learning (MEAL) system regarding social development and humanitarian projects in Pakistan. I have hands-on experience of working in partnership with INGOs and Government line departments in strengthening MEAL systems of Government and international donor funded projects regarding Primary & Secondary Healthcare and Education, WASH, Shelter, Livelihood, DRR/DRM, TEVT, Poverty, Gender and Youth Development across Pakistan.

Besides this, I have sound command in establishing Result Based Monitoring (RBM) System and designing and implementing qualitative and quantitative M&E toolkits like PMP, Logframe and knowledge products like Case Studies, Success Stories, Lesson Learnt and Best Practices to assess performance of interventions, improved quality of service delivery and constantly monitoring achieving progress against plan deliverables. Furthermore, I have had the great privilege to mentor, monitor and train more than 2000 staff members besides hiring and supervising M&E team at national, provincial and district level. Moreover, I have directly been involved in tracking the progress, process and quality of multi-input and equally complex interventions to assess what works, what not works and what needed to be done for course-correction, quality assurance and further improvement.

Furthermore, I have been representing our organizations in internal progress review meetings and external forums besides coordinating with partners. Also providing technical support to senior management regarding project planning, information management along with progress review and periodical reporting. Similarly I'm good at survey design & implementation along with using social media and print media for knowledge dissemination & networking.


Improving Learning Outcomes, Enrollment & Transitions from ECE to Primary
Strengthening Teacher Education in Pakistan (STEP) Project
RNE Project on Harnessing Capacities in DRR in Hazardous Areas of Pakistan
UNHCR One Room Shelter Project for the 2011 floods response in South Sindh,
UNDP Early Recovery & Restoration of Flood Affected Communities Project
World Bank RSPN-BISP Nationwide Poverty Targeting Survey Project for Nation


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Coordinator-Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL)
Medical Emergency Resilience Foundation (MERF)
Mar 2017 - Present | Thatta, Pakistan

We are working to save lives by providing effective, efficient and affordable healthcare services and medical relief for vulnerable people in areas of natural disaster, conflict, disease outbreak and health systems collapse.

My role is to design, manage and strengthen monitoring, evaluation, accountability and Learning systems to promote evidence based program management including planning, reporting and data based decision making for improving quality of service delivery, continuous program improvement, performance monitoring, knowledge management and periodical reporting to senior management, Directorate of Health (DOH) Services, Government of Sindh and donor agency.

Currently we are working to improve healthcare service delivery through overall health facilities management focusing on overall supervisor, HR management, financial management, admin and logistical support, pharmaceutical services along with Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability & Learning (MEAL).

Our healthcare services mainly focuses on the following key thematic areas.
1. OPD Consultations ( 15 General and Specialized categories including Accident & Emergency )
2. Indoor Services ( 12 categories )
3. Immunization/EPI
5. Family Planning & Reproductive Health (FP & RH)
6. Maternal & Newborn Healthcare services (MNCHS)
7. Community Based Outreach Services
8. Diagnostic Services
9. Lab Investigations for Communicable Diseases
10. Tracer Drugs, Vaccines and Medicines
11. Operations/Surgeries (Under General Anesthesia (GA)/ Spinal Anesthesia (SA)/ Laparoscopic appendectomy (LA) and other type of anesthesia)

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Manager Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E)
Dubai Cares-ITACEC
Jun 2015 - Dec 2016 | Sukkur, Pakistan

• Led the country M&E team at country level and revamped MER system at organizational level.
• Developed and implemented Result Based Management system, including M&E tools like PMP, Knowledge Management and Learning (KM&L) Framework, periodical Progress Monitoring reports and Automatic Target Calculators for our projects/programs in Pakistan.
• Enabled higher management and program team to easily assign targets to their subordinates and track progress against achieving plan targets at horizontal & vertical level.
• Hired & oriented M&E staff; Manage and coordinated field-based M&E officers/Manager for performance monitoring, oversight, data collection, and reporting.
• Led Training Need Analysis; also designed trainings and built the capacity of M&E and Program staff through proper supervision and mentoring.
• Led Baseline survey along with its data cleansing, data analysis and reporting of DC-III project Phase-I and II throughout Pakistan.
• Developed, piloted and ensured consolidation and use of the database for informed decision making;
• Developed and shared communication materials and knowledge products like case studies, success stories and published the same to disseminate developmental results at a wider level.
• Ensured the smooth M&E processes on periodical basis.
• Ensured that the knowledge gained through M&E contributes to the improvement of the program.
• Carried out technical facilitation & Field M&E visits.
• Supported program team by providing timely information around project successes to be scaled up as well as challenges to allow ‘course correction’ throughout the life of the programs.
• Participated in Strategic planning.
• Designed Logframe for SEF Assisted Schools (SAS) Program and Scholarship project.
• Carried out end-of-project evaluation for internal learning and external accountability.

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Monitoring, Evaluation & Research Consultant
The Aga Khan University (AKU)
Jul 2014 - Jun 2015 | Karachi, Pakistan

• Per component, assess physical progress, efficiency and adequacy, in terms of delivery of project inputs and outputs.
• Per component, analyse financial progress. Assess whether the use of project funds is commensurate with the attainment of physical progress, efficacy and the timeliness of procurement and disbursement activities.
• Assess the efficiency of project organisation and management with respect to its size and composition, organisational structure, personnel management and policy, the qualifications of local staff and consultants, reporting, effectiveness of the M&E system (in defining performance indicators and collecting and analysing monitoring data on project progress) and follow-up on primary stakeholders’ reactions to project activities.
• Assess the relevance and effectiveness of technical assistance and training given to primary stakeholders and staff in relation to design objectives, and the extent to which they have been given based on needs assessment and followed up on to determine their impact.
• Assess the quality of cooperation with institutions and effectiveness of coordination mechanisms, with respect to composition and membership of coordination committees, and contribution to timely decision making and problem solving. Changes in project design in this respect will be thoroughly assessed.
• Assess degree of compliance with loan agreement.
• Analyse which factors and constraints have influenced project implementation, including technical, managerial, organisational, institutional and socio-economic policy issues, in addition to other external factors unforeseen during design.
• Assess project results and impacts, in terms of development outcomes, based on the project’s actual and potential development impact on the primary stakeholder groups, relevant institutions and wider context. This includes identifiable benefits for primary stakeholders – including wider livelihood and capacity-building – in terms of depth, spread and gender, primary stakeholder participation and environmental concerns.
• Assess the prospects of the local primary and secondary stakeholders and host institutions for sustaining impacts after termination of the project, taking into account old and new assumptions and risks.
• Make an overall assessment of project cost effectiveness.
• Identify where project design needs adjusting/reorienting in order to increase its effectiveness in reaching the target groups. This includes proposals to adjust the project objectives and strategy, activities, budget and inputs, organisational/institutional set-up and implementation plan.
• Assess the performance of funding and supervising agencies in terms of quality of supervision, efficiency in loan administration, ability to anticipate problems and extend implementation support, adequacy of reporting, recommendations and effectiveness of follow-up on recommendations. Identify how this has affected project performance.
• Produce a clear set of lessons learned that can benefit the project in its remaining lifespan.

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Project Officer-CDRR Project and Programme Monitoring, Evaluation & Research (MER)
Focus Humanitarian Assistance of Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN)
Jan 2013 - Jul 2014 | Karachi, Pakistan

• Developed and implemented Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Framework in line with long term strategic goals of FOCUS Pakistan.
• Built capacity of program staff and volunteers on MER, capturing human interest stories, case studies, lessons learnt, project proposals writing and resource mobilization.
• Prepared and submitted progress reports, M&E reports including project completion and donor reports to head office.
• Carried out Baseline survey of Safer School Project and end-term evaluation of CDRR Project and provided necessary support to external evaluators and evaluation missions.
• Assisting program staff in development, documentation and implementation of program activities.
• Assisting management in taking informed decisions by tracking the progress of the Organization’s activities, enhance performance and impact, and identify variances and areas where corrective actions are needed to take with respect to activities and deliverables.
• Improved the quality of interventions and service delivery through developing and maintaining efficient and effective M&E system.
• Facilitated reflection sessions and internal staff meetings and provide regular feedback on M&E findings to relevant staff and management to fine-tuned, reorient and bring continuous improvement in service delivery.
• Represented FOCUS Pakistan at different forums at a provincial and regional level and attending internal and external meetings.
• Ensured and tracked MER findings, audit observations and stakeholder feedback are incorporated in the program.
• Continuously monitored and evaluated program events and activities to assess process, progress, quality, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability and reporting the same with lesson learnt and recommendations.
• Review monthly, quarterly and annual plans and assessed progress against these plans.
• Ensured that program staffs have an authentic and a proper documentation system and maintained project records accordingly.
• Undertook monitoring visits to program areas to assess progress and observe capacity building sessions.
• Maintaining database of beneficiaries.
• Represented FOCUS Pakistan during “Conference on climate change adaptation” by presenting my presentation on “community based disaster risk reduction model with special reference to coastal areas of Pakistan” in NED University of Engineering & Technology.

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Specialist Monitoring, Evaluation & Research (MER)
Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA)
Apr 2012 - Dec 2012 | Multan, Pakistan

• Developed and updated M&E system & implemented it accordingly.
• Assisted senior management in regularly providing data on the performance of the project against achieving plan targets.
• Assisted the manager and coordinator in planning, implementation and monitoring of project activities.
• Executed assessments, field monitoring visits and provided updates and monitoring reports to the immediate supervisor.
• Prepared activity/action/monitoring plans and assess progress against achieving plan targets.
• Assisted in reviewing and updating M&E policy and procedures as required.
• Provided regular monitoring & progress reports and assisted in preparing other reports as per donor timeline & format.
• Maintained an authentic & proper documentation system and maintained project records accordingly.
• Attended internal & external meeting & wrote timely minutes of all meetings attended.
• Collected success stories, human interest stories & lessons learned.
• Provide regular feedback of M&E findings to staff and implementing partners besides research and analytical support as required.
• Monitor project implementation according to DIP and highlight the gaps and recommend steering measures.
• Undertake monitoring visits in the field and interact with the stakeholders to get their feedback & assess progress.
• Support the Project Manager in coordinating project activities with relevant Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations.
• Comply and/or utilize organization systems and tools, Process Flow Charts, Project Monitoring Forms.

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Project Officer-Monitoring, Evaluation & Research (MER)
National Rural Support Programme (NRSP)
Aug 2011 - Mar 2012 | Hyderabad, Pakistan

• Coordinated with various sections as part of monitoring- enabling them to ensure that the milestones set in the project plan and log-frame are achieved;
• Participated in cluster meetings of UNDP, UNHCR, government, humanitarian organizations & donor agencies.
• Consolidated data, prepared and submitted narrative & technical reports to take informed decisions & steer the project;
• Developed M&E plans, work plans, and carried out process evaluation and project facilitation field visits;
• Generated quality monitoring & project progress reports according to establish criteria and schedule.
• Ensured transparency in development interventions and minimized inclusion and exclusion errors.
• Assisted identifying CB-DRR activities, e.g. Early Warning, Hazard Mapping, for community members, including local school teachers & DMCs; also engaged children and youth in suitable engagement/participation sessions through meetings and awareness sessions;
• Facilitated the process of community mobilization; formed, trained and equipped CBDMCs;
• Conducted training need assessments and supervised, conducted & monitored Capacity building programs at all levels for CBDMCs;
• Facilitated and provide technical support to the field staff & Disaster Management Committees in the smooth operation of DMCs besides conducting Hazard, Vulnerability and Capacity Assessments, training need assessments (TNSs), SWOT Analysis and also developed training report;
• Worked with DMCs to come up with Community Based Disaster Management Plans and developing exit strategies in disasters;
• Facilitated trainings for line department, government officials and community members in smooth operationalization of CBDRM;
• Assisted team members in mobilization, identification & registration of beneficiaries in provision of multi sector input services.

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Monitoring & Quality Control Officer
Rural Support Programmes Network (RSPN)
Aug 2010 - Jul 2011 | Karachi, Pakistan

• Tracked the coverage of 2.00 million HHs and 12.62 million populations in 1326 villages during the world’s largest* Poverty Targeting Survey in Pakistan.
• Collected sample data as per quality control indicators and undertaken analysis with Management Information System (MIS); cross checked / verified authenticity and quality of data and report the same after consolidation.
• Coordinated with Spot Checking and Process Evaluation Consultants, Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) and World Bank Consultants engaged for the project.
• Ensured quality in terms of results and work processes as given in the Quality Control Indicators and Provide technical assistance and guidance;
• Monitored & evaluated the training of more than 1277 District/Tehsil Team Leaders, District/Tehsil Tracking officers, logistic officers, Coordinators, Field Team supervisors, Monitors, Editors, forward campaigners and data collectors;
• Monitored and controlled the quality of data collection in line with the Targeting Manual & Inception Report and suggest corrective measures and policy interventions against the divergence from project activities;
• Carried out Spot Checking, Field Monitoring and technical facilitation visits and maintained Monitoring & Evaluation Checklist;
• On the basis of key field findings draw strategic mechanisms for the timely improvement of project operations and strategies;
• Supervise the team of program field monitors and provide technical guidance in the collection of quantitative & qualitative data collection, analysis and management and Report back in an effective manner;
• Provide technical advice/support to other project teams to strengthen their MEAL system;
• Met with community, notables & other stakeholders to minimize inclusion & exclusion errors.
• Prepared & disseminated field monitoring reports, district launching reports, notes for the Record, success stories, and lesson learnt as well as made recommendations for better implementation of project activities.
• Participated in planning, process evaluation & progress review meetings at regional, Cluster and National level;
• Compiled and disseminated minutes of different level meetings.
• Informed the concerned district team and staff for over/under-coverage of households and population of the survey areas.

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Senior Relationship Officer
Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development
Jan 2010 - Jul 2010 | Karachi, Pakistan

• Ensured that policy requirements are fulfilled.
• Seek out new buyers through networking and develop lists of prospective clients for quality business.
• Provided after sales services to existing policyholders, rectify any problem and from them new referral leads.
• Monitored insurance claims to ensure they are settled equitably for both the policyholders and NJI work activities.
• Expand social networking for getting leads and prospects.
• Maintain reports, records and official correspondence.
• Improve general, technical and social knowledge.
• Used interpersonal and telephone communication techniques
• Identified, targeted Market, call on prospective buyers, carried out need analysis and sell them policies.
• Professionally explain the features and benefits of various policies in order for sales promotion.


International Organization for Migration (IOM)
Certification, Camp Coordination & Camp Management (CCCM)‎
Disaster Risk Management
World Educational Services
Certification, Leadership-Facilitation-Management‎
Electronic Media
United Nations Development Program Pakistan
Certification, Monitoring, Evaluation and Information System‎
United Nation Development program, Pakistan
Certification, Asseement Methodologies & Techniques‎
Assesment & Evaluation
United Nation Development Programme, Pakistan
Certification, Proposal Development and Resources Mobilization‎
Project Proposal Development & Resource Mobilization
Institute of Rural Management, Islamabad.
Certification, Disaster Risk Management‎
Disaster Risk Management
The Aga Khan University
Certification, Monitoring, Evaluation and Research‎
The Art of Training Facilitation
British Council UK and Youth Parliament Pakistan
Certification, Active Citizens Learning Programme‎
Active Citizens Learning Programme
USAID and Care International USA
Certification, Soft Skills‎
Soft Skills
Institute of Securities, management and Research Karachi
Certification, Basic Understanding of Financial Market‎
Basic Understanding of Financial Market
Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development Pakistan
Certification, Insurance & Marketing‎
Insurance & Marketing
Institute of Rural Management Islamabad
Certification, The Art of Training Facilitation‎
Monitoring, Evaluation & Research
University of Karachi
Masters, , Masters in Economics‎
University of Karachi
Bachelors, , Bachelors of Arts (HONS.)‎
Larson Commerce College Karachi
Intermediate/A-Level, , Higher Secondary School Certificate (H.S.C)‎
Accounts, Audit and Finance
The Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Gilgit
Matriculation/O-Level, , Secondry School Certificate (S.S.C)‎


5+ Years Community development
5+ Years Programme Monitoring
5+ Years Project Evaluation
5+ Years Project Proposal and Resource Mobilizati
5+ Years Report Writing
5+ Years Research (Qualitative & Quantitative)
5+ Years Technical Support
5+ Years training
5+ Years Training & Development


Intermediate Sindhi
Expert Urdu
Expert English

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