Data Scientist, working with "Majestic TechnologiX" for 2 years. Here is a glimpse of some of the work which I had done as a Data Scientist for different clients:

1) Data Exploration and Prediction of House Price
Predict the sale price of houses.
2) Sentiment Analyzer Bot
A Bot that will do the sentiment analysis of tweets related to the keyword that we define.
3) GPA Prediction System
Predicting the average GPA cumulated by a student in the college based only on the scores that he/she achieved in SAT.
4) Scott Farms GTIN Prediction System
Analysis and Prediction of the future sales of different GTIN based on their past sales.
5) Gender Classification System
Determine the gender of a person based on his/her features.
6) Toxic Content Detection System
Detect toxicity in four types of content (Text, Image, Video, Live Video Stream).
7) Result Prediction System
Visualization and Result Prediction of different Students based on their Percentage.
8) Data analytics of Online Marketing
Developed Facebook analytics using Power BI.
9) Recommender System Engineer
Developed Popularity Based Recommender System, Knowledge-Based Recommender System, Content-Based Recommender System, Collaborative Recommender System, and Hybrid Recommender System.
10) Web Scrapping Engineer
Extracted data from social and informational sites for Data Analysis and Prediction.
11) Coaching
Data Sciences, Machine Learning, Python, Recommender System, Python and Data Science Workshops.

12) Exposure to cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Currently, I am engrossed in studying Neural Networks and Deep Neural Network


Different Projects


Company Logo
Data Scientist
Majestic TecnologiX
Feb 2017 - Present | Lahore, Pakistan


COMSATS Institute of Information Technology
Bachelors, BCS/BS, BS Software Engineering‎
Database System, Java Enterprise Programming, Programming
CGPA 3.5/4


3 Years HTML5 and CSS3
2 Years JavaScript
1 yearAmazon AWS
Less than 1 YearAPI development
1 yearBusiness Intelligence
3 Years C/C++
1 yeardata
Less than 1 YearData Administration
Less than 1 YearData Engineering
2 Years Data Science
1 yearDjango
1 yearGit
Less than 1 Yearkeras
2 Years Linux System
2 Years Machine Learning
Less than 1 YearMercurial
Less than 1 YearMongoDB
1 yearMySQL
3 Years PHP
3 Years phyton
3 Years Programming Concepts
2 Years Python
Less than 1 Yearscrap
3 Years SQL


Intermediate English