I am a determined Electrical Engineer seeking a challenging position in the field of electronics and communication so as to utilize my skills for organization and individual growth


Data encryption using MATLAB
robotic hand


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Automation Engineer
CNS Engineering
May 2018 - Present | Lahore, Pakistan

Technical Tasks:

 Currently working on PKLI & RC project as Site Engineer
 Systems used for HVAC control, Lighting Control etc.
 Termination, Programming, Testing and Commissioning of different
Direct Digital controllers and PLCs manufactured by Schneider Electric
used in Building Automation and Power Monitoring Systems.
 Installation, termination and commissioning of different field devices
(sensors, actuators, switches, valves) used for monitoring and control
 Control of VFDs (Variable Frequency Derives) to regulate the speed of
motors used in BMS.
 Control of AHUs, FCUs, VAV / CAVs, Chillers, Cooling Towers and
Fans using controllers manufactured by Schneider Electric.
 Integration of facilities like Lighting, HVAC, Elevators, Fire Alarms
using Automation Servers and gateways.

Project Related Tasks:

 Assistant to Project manager for preparation of MIR and other
documents related to project.
 Project coordination with client, consultant and different contractors.
 Tracking the project tasks by preparing trackers using Microsoft excel on
weekly basis.
 Monitoring the Performance of site team and Reporting to Project
Manager on daily basis

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Trainee Engineer
Huawei Tech. Pvt. Ltd.
Aug 2017 - Feb 2018 | Lahore, Pakistan

 Learning of basic Architecture of GSM/UMTS/LTE networks
 Learning of protocols and air interfaces of LTE network
 Learning of basic call flow of LTE network
 Analysis of different KPIs regarding Performance of LTE network
 Analysis of Different events like cell reselection, handovers etc. using GENEX Probe and Assistant

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Untangle Solutions
Jun 2016 - Aug 2016 | Islamabad, Pakistan

 Document retrieval using MATLAB
 Document retrieval is all about getting the right documents to the right people, instantly. This is a combination of search criteria and security.
 Bag of words for document retrieval and how to make a dictionary from bag of words.
 Different algorithms for stemming used by search engines.
 Providing right information to the user on the basis of some keywords.


National University of Science and Technology
Bachelors, Bachelors in Engineering, Electrical Engineering‎
Industrial Control and Automation, Embedded System
CGPA 2.6/4


Less than 1 YearAssembly
Less than 1 YearC++
1 yearCellular Communications
Less than 1 Yeardigital electronics
Less than 1 YearDigital Logic Design
Less than 1 YearEmbedded C
1 yearMATLAB
Less than 1 YearMicrocontroller
2 Years Microsoft Office
Less than 1 YearPLC Ladder logic
Less than 1 Yearproteus
Less than 1 YearPSpice
Less than 1 YearRF Optimization
1 yeartelecom
Less than 1 YearVLSI


Expert Punjabi
Expert Urdu
Intermediate English