Working at Pinnacle database ERP system
Put DVR, MVS, SQ s daily basis, Appraised business on monthly basis by analysis Revenue and budgeting amount about salaries, Vehicles, Fuelling, offices, utility bills, spares used and consumable.
Manage whole teams of Telco/Non-Telco in the region, Responsible all type of KPI, TCH, Quality issue and good interpretation between entrepreneur and customer.
Make TCH availability 100 percent of each site.
Team movement and backend support.
Co-ordination with field teams and also with customer.
Manage vehicles and fuelling relates issues.
Manage their teams and utilize their resources in reasonable aspects.
Responsible each and every technical support to their teams and resolve issues in a short time.
Updated customer to the current issue time by time till resolved.
Mailing feedback to customer and back office.
Responsible PM and CM of concern clusters.
Make PM quality better to overcome CMs.
Trouble shoot Ultra site edge BTS (Nokia Siemens) SDR ZTE.
Trouble Shoot power issue in Ultra site Rectifier W301 Rectifier ZTE.
Monitor Telco and Non-Telco field relate issue.
Resolve each and every snag at new ZTE swap site.
Good knowledge of Genset, electrical fault in Genset.
Good knowledge of ATS, LP Box.
Good manage and save fuelling relate issues of site.
Troubleshoot Transmission issue of NEC Ipasolink 200/400/1000.
Implementing QOS on MW Links as per Priority table provided by client.
Configuring VLANs on IPasolink MW Links for Ethernet/Packet based services.
E2E Media verification from site to BSC through Ping Tests.
Troubleshooting of NEC ipasolink200, iPasolink400 and iPasolink1000.
Access terminal using team viewer and query status of site and configure.
Installations and commissioning of NEC iPasolink200, iPasolink400 andiPasolink1000 MW Links including 10, 11 HSB, XPIC and XPIC HSB and SD
(Space Diversity) Maintenance.
Preventive Maintenance (PM)
BTS and SDR of ZTE Internal External Alarms trouble shooting
Rectifier troubleshooting parameters configuration
Visit of sites for operations and maintenance.
Also maintained solar sites.

Corrective Maintenance (CM)
Strong co-ordination with the telco and nontelco teams.
Extinct diagnosed and troubleshoot the problem at site.
Good manage their teams in required region.
BTS Cell Site troubleshooting.
Three year O and M experience at SDR.
Troubles shoot any issue in ATS, Rectifier and BTS.
Troubles shoot SDR internal alarms, RRU Expansion.
SDR configuration fault, E1 delete and add.
Troubles shooting RTN 910,950,980, with making their Cross connection, Expansion, Installation, Maintenance.
Resolve internal external alarm Trouble shooting.
Troubles shoot External alarm of MISU, GSUR and DDF Patching.
Power issues (Rectifiers, ATS, LPBOX, Genset)
Transmission issues (RSL, Hardware issues, Configuration issues)
Troubles shoot maintain and removed each snag from the site.

Integration installation of Microwave DG Super star E1.
Media patching and RSL issues handling.
Observations of installation of Microwave Ericssion 6.4.
Work at Microwave RTN 910, 950 980.
Work at DG Telecom, Ericssion, NEC and RTN.
NEC 200, 400 and 1000 Ipasolink alarms troubleshoot.
Troubles shoot any issue from BSC to site


JAZZ Project Sahiwal
Telenor Project Islmabad


Company Logo
Assistant Manager
Aug 2012 - Present | Islamabad, Pakistan

Ishtiaq Hussain Bhutta
S/O Riaz Hussain Bhutta

House No. 25, R- Block College Town Vehari
Cell NO: +923096767005
: +923132215500, +923481544720
E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]

Objective Seeking a position to utilize my skills & capabilities in the field of Telecommunication that offer professional growth while being resourceful, innovative & flexible. To work in competitive and challenging working environment and to contribute the best of my abilities towards the growth and development of a progressive company
Education Telecommunication System 2.7/4 B.Z.U (Bahauddin Zakariya University) Multan (Pakistan)

9 Years Field & Management Experience


Working as an Area Manager at Telenor Project Islamabad
25 Sept. 2017 to till

Technical & Managing Services

Working as an Regional TL in KHL JAZZ project VHR
1 Aug 2016 to 31 Aug 2017...

Technical & Managing Services

Manage whole teams of Telco/Non-Telco in the region, Responsible all type of KPI, TCH, Quality issue and good interpretation between entrepreneur and customer.
Supervise the regional CM/PM activities, technical grooming of field teams & perform site Audits for verification
Follow-ups on outages to maintain maximum TCH availability of Network.
Responsible for management of network audits and processes
24 hours follow-up and field interventions in case of Hub sites outages and critical alarms escalated through NOC.

Company Logo
Area Manager
Hitech Networks Limited
Dec 2012 - Aug 2015 | Islamabad, Pakistan


Bahauddin Zakariya University
Master (16 Years), Masters in Science, Telecommunication System‎
Telecom, computer Networking, Telecom and Networking
CGPA 2.7/4
Bahauddin Zakariya University
Master (16 Years), , Telecommunication System‎
Bahauddin Zakariya University
Bachelor (14 Years), Bachelors in Science, Bachelor in Engineering‎
Math, Physics, Statistics
Percentage 53%
Amerson College Multan
Higher Secondary School Certificate/Intermediate/A-Level, Faculty of Science (Pre-Engineering), Pre-Engr.‎
Math, Stat, Physics
Percentage 63%
Govt. High School 155/W.B Vehari
Secondary School Certificate/Matriculation/O-Level, Matric in Science, Matric in Science‎
math, physics, Bio
Percentage 78%


5+ Years Driving Growth


Expert Punjabi
Expert Saraiki
Intermediate English
Expert Urdu