After graduating from Lahore School of Economics in 2017, I set out to prepare for the Central Superior Services (CSS) examinations. I appeared in CSS 2018 but couldn't clear it. However, in May 2018, I had again started preparing for my next CSS attempt, which took place in February, 2019. Preparing for the two attempts was exceptionally demanding and required strict discipline. I can safely say that during the last two years I have acquired more knowledge, understanding abilities, and analytical prowess than what I gained in many academic years combined. At this stage, I'm extremely eager to employ my skills, complemented by my additional knowledge and abilities, to achieve commendable results on my part for the organization I shall work for.


Lahore School of Economics
Bachelors, Bachelors in Business Administration, BBA (Hons.) Double Majors in Finance and Marketing‎
Marketing, Business Finance, Marketing and Financial Management
CGPA 3.6/4


Less than 1 YearBusiness Model Development
Less than 1 YearCapital budgeting analysis
5+ Years Communication Skills
Less than 1 YearContent writing
Less than 1 YearDesigning Marketing Strategies
Less than 1 YearFeasibility Analysis
Less than 1 YearFinancial Statement Analysis
Less than 1 YearInvestment Decisions
Less than 1 YearMarket Research
Less than 1 YearMarketing Tools Management
Less than 1 YearRatio Analysis
Less than 1 YearTarget Market Analysis


Intermediate Punjabi
Intermediate Urdu
Expert English