1) Select 'Company' from the drop down menu under 'Settings', after logging in to your employer account.
2) Click on "Deactivate" to make your company unavailable.

Please note that deleting a company will delete all jobs and administrators associated with it. It will also remove your organization from the company listings area on ROZEE.PK.
Your job posting can be declined if your job does not match with our job posting policy. You can check our "Job Posting Policy" in other FAQ section of Employer.
Our Job Approval policy is based on following points:

1- Title should be specific with matching Job description. ( i.e Subject Teacher, Customer Support Executive, Assistant Manager - Sales etc)
2- Gender specification in Job titles are not allowed. ( i.e Female Subject Teacher, Female Customer Support Executive )
3- Email Address / Contact Number or Other personal details are not allowed in the Job Description.
A job can be made confidential if it is paid for and you have added "confidential" at the end of your job title. For example, if you post a paid job as Customer Support Executive (Confidential) , Support Team will mark it as confidential from their end.
Employers have an option to select filters while posting a job and applicants who do not match with criteria set by employer can not apply to the job.
Once you post a job and receive multiple applicants and CVs, you can only view them if you have paid for the job and your job is updated as featured job.
If you have a credit available in your account , kindly follow the steps given below to upgrade the job:

1- Log in to your Account.
2- Click on "Posted Jobs" on top left corner.
3- Click on minus sign ( - ) next to the job you wish to upgrade.
4- Select the credit you have purchased and click on upgrade.
5- You can now view CVs of the applicants against the job.
You can add team members in your account by following the steps given below:

1- Login to your account by clicking on the link https://hiring.rozee.pk/
2- Click on "Team Members" underneath setting tab.
3- Click on "Add new member" on top right corner.
4- You can add a new member and select the rights you wish to give them.

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