Rozee Research: Sleep Deprivation – The Stealthy Productivity Killer

In today’s globalized, hyper-connected, and “always-on” working culture, we’re often spending longer hours in the office, sometimes to the serious detriment of our health. A recent survey by Rozee Research Division...

The Anatomy of a Modern Recruiter – An Infographic

The best recruiters are able to attract even the most passive of candidates, while influencing their organization's hiring with data driven strategy. They blend the art of hiring with the science of numbers - a formidable combination! This infographic helps breakdown the secret sauce that makes modern recruiters so widely sought after!

The Road Less Travelled – with Moin Khan

Note: The following story is based on an interview between ROZEE.PK and Moin Khan of 'A Different Agenda' fame. Snippets of the interview have been reproduced verbatim in quotes, while the...

Productivity Killers: How your employees waste time at work

It is HR's duty to keep employees motivated, productive and an asset to the company. Which means also being aware of how an average employee spends their workday, specifically habits that decrease productivity and generally waste time, so that effective strategies can be devised to keep the company running in tip-top shape!

What’s Holding Me Back From My Dream Job?

If you're struggling to achieve your goals, the problem may not be your motivation; it might be your choices. It's time to look at your reasons from a different angle and do things differently to help grow your career on your own terms.