It is only natural to consider that everyone deals with the job-searching process in their own way. After all, we are all unique in our approach towards different areas of problem solving and decision making, and this field is no exception. Job seekers around the world will almost always interpret the process in their own way – guided by personality traits and expectations.

Here are some prominent types of job seekers that we were able to identify – which category would you consider yourself to be in?

The Persistent Job Seeker

This kind of job seeker ensures that the application process is followed through by getting in touch with the organization in question – whether through email correspondence or telephone calls. The idea is to maintain contact until a definitive response is not received – these people just need to know what the outcome was, regardless of the decision. While this notion may appear to be annoying to most people, when done appropriately, it could reflect positively upon the applicant by showing the employer a level of commitment that they might be interested in acquiring.

The Passive Job Seeker

These individuals may keep themselves up-to-date regarding the latest job openings and available opportunities, but do not intend to actively participate in the application process. Hence, although aware of the trends within the job market, these people are simply not interested in finding a job. Although in rare circumstances, some employers may go out of their way to search and hire certain well-qualified individuals who had never applied for an opening, it would be reasonable to put yourself out there if you aim to fill a job opening anytime soon.

The Last Minute Job Seeker

Some people actively search online forums and resources to identify the best job openings available to them – only to apply for them near the deadline. These applicants appear as “procrastinators” in the eyes of hiring managers, and this certainly does not work well in their favor. Furthermore, it is likely for such people to actually miss out on some viable opportunities simply because they were not able to submit their applications on time.

It is considered wise to apply for an opening as soon as it is made available, as many organizations are looking to hire instantly rather than waiting for the specified deadline. Hence, our advice would be to always be on the top of your job search game.

The Casual Job Seeker

These applicants can be defined in two words: minimal effort. They tend to do as little as possible in terms of searching for a job and applying for it. If, by any chance, they do tend to actually apply for an opening, they are most likely to fill-out an online form with no intentions of ever following-up on their application. This may not fare well in the eyes of employers, who would instantly be able to point out individuals that appear disinterested in the application and interview process – no one wants to hire someone who is not concerned whether or not they land the job in question or not.

The Proactive Job Seeker

These individuals put in the hard work and dedication necessary to obtain a position that is well suited for them – they realize that searching for a job can be a job in its own right. By investing enough energy in the preparation and research side of the application process, along with making an effort to apply in a timely manner, with the possibility of following up appropriately, these job seekers ensure that they get what they want.3

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