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English Test for Employment

Why Highlighting Your English Language Skills is Necessary for Growth

As the preferred language for communication for thousands of companies across the world, English language skills are now considered as essential in employees as technical ability. Whatever your experience level, you...

Feeling Unproductive? Take some time off!

You’re not an automaton. You cannot function at peak capacity all the time, much as your company would like that to be the case! That said, as an employee at your...

How Office Culture is Crushing Women’s Ambitions in Pakistan

It has often been observed that women in Pakistan are least interested in senior management roles. The reason in my opinion is not the lack of motivation but the unsupportive culture...

Paving Your Way Towards a Successful Career Despite Terrible Grades

A low GPA doesn’t mean that you won’t get a good job, it’s your skillset that matters the most now. The graduation day is just around the corner and all those promises...

Sleep Deprivation – The Stealthy Productivity Killer

Rozee Research: Sleep deprivation is a pretty common complaint among professionals, which is not only causing serious health issues but is also affecting their performances to a significant extent.

What’s Holding Me Back From My Dream Job?

If you're struggling to achieve your goals, the problem may not be your motivation; it might be your choices. It's time to look at your reasons from a different angle and do things differently to help grow your career on your own terms.

5 Things You Need to Remove From Your Resume

A resume is a complete picture of your professional background, and for that reason, it must contain information relevant to what potential employers are looking for. The idea is to utilize...

A Surefire Way of Highlighting Your Skills for Prospective Employers in the Digital Age

With the attention spans of hiring managers constantly decreasing and the volume of applicants constantly increasing, what's one to do to make themselves noticed when their resume is competing with thousands, if not hundreds of thousands more, for screen-time with prospective employers.

Job Crisis in South Asia: English Language Remains the Key to Landing Good Jobs

South Asia not only comprises nearly a quarter of the world’s total population but is also one of the world’s poorest regions with the lowest GDP per capita. With English language...

Identifying and Rebooting an Unmotivated Employee

I've been reading a lot on this subject and more often than not, I come across articles that are based on the assumption that unmotivated employees are lazy or a 'bad hire'. This...