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ROZEE Career Talks is a series of short conversations with Pakistan's top recruitment and HR professionals - the aim is to provide guidance tempered with wisdom and practical experience to Pakistan's expansive workforce.

Highest Paying Jobs in Pakistan 2023

5 Highest Paying Jobs in Pakistan 2023

Looking for a job? With a bunch of professions out there? Millennials sure have the technological advantage while searching for new jobs in Pakistan 2023 because this is the time for highly...
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Working as a Remote Web Designer

“Design is not what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” - Steve Jobs. As more people use computers, tablets, and mobile devices, businesses are forced to search...

Ideas for Professionals Looking to Work Part-Time

Economic stability is an indispensable need for modern life. Depending on a single income to support oneself is extremely difficult which has made part-time jobs a dire need for professionals. Looking...
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What are the Best Online Jobs in Pakistan?

Earning, in the times after Covid-19, is almost everyone’s cup of tea. No more stress of not being able to earn due to the unavailability of positions in your desired areas. The...
How do I find best perfect job in Pakistan?

How do I find best perfect job in Pakistan?

What do we mean by a ‘perfect job’? Is it a job that pays the most amount of money? Or a job that fulfills us from within? Or is it both?...

How Women Can Climb the Corporate Ladder – Huma Mahmud

Huma Mahmud, the Deputy Country Head Retail at ChenOne talks about things every woman should know about climbing the corporate ladder and how they can succeed in a corporate environment while...

Employability Skills in the Modern Era – Mohsin Nishat

What do recruiters look for while hiring a candidate? Mohsin Nishat, Director Ethics & Compliance at Telenor Pakistan throws light on the skills that can make a person more marketable and...

The Importance of Grooming in Professional Life – Rubina Jamal

Rubina Jamal, a renowned HR Trainer and the CEO of Insolito Associates, draws upon her 25 years of experience to highlight how the first impression you make is the most important...

The Importance of Skills’ Acquisition – Suleman Ansar Khan

Suleman Ansar Khan, Head of Talent, OD, Culture & Recruitment at Engro Corp. talks about the rates of change & learning in the modern-day and how important it is for the...

Ending Negativity in the Workplace – Asim Pasha

Asim Pasha, Head of HR at Punjab Skills Development Fund, discusses overpowering negativity in the workplace by identifying and eliminating its various causes both on a personal and organizational level.