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YouTube Opens Doorway for Monetization in Pakistan

The world’s largest video sharing site YouTube has announced that content creators from Pakistan will now be able to monetize their videos and earn revenue through the YouTube Partner Program. Google,...

Online Copyright Protection Gets Landmark Support from Intellectual Property Tribunal

Copyright and intellectual property laws in Pakistan seem like they are finally being given the long overdue attention that they deserve! In a landmark case recently taken up by the Intellectual...

The Chennai Beggar Who Attended Cambridge

Jayavel, a young man 22 years of age who started off from begging on the streets of Chennai, India has recently been making waves in the media for going to university...

Pakistani students receive first class degrees and top international law examinations

Ikra Saleem Khan, Rubab Tariq Khan and Muhammad Kazim have recently received First Class degrees from the prestigious the University of London LLB

Khadim Ali named among the top 40 young artists in Asia Pacific

Hailing from the Hazara community and doing Pakistan proud, Khadim Ali has been recognized as one of the leading young artists in the Asia Pacific region by the international art magazine Apollo.

A Handful of Blessings

Tamkinat Tariq writes about how the determination of one father paved the way for his son to receive Pakistan's first 3D printed prosthetic hand.

LGS students win coveted International Space Station Design Competition

The students of Lahore Grammar School – Johar Town Senior Boys Branch have recently become the first Pakistani team to win the International Space Station Design Competition held in Florida, U.S.A....

Talent Recognized: Star struck with Norina Shah

Recently making waves in the international community, 17-year-old Norina Shah’s passion for astronomy has taken her far beyond the confines of Quetta, Balochistan, and put her in touch with a global...

Quetta Attack Shakes The Nation

AGAYBARHO! mourns the intellectual loss of almost 55 lawyers holding top positions in the Balochistan Bar Association. While leading members of the bar were mourning the then fresh assassination of the...

Commanding the Narrative

Never underestimate the power of a good day. They say, there are good days and bad days - I always thought there are happy days and sad days. As I always connected...