The Future of Human Resource Management

Organizations without cutting edge business models are striving hard to stay relevant in this hyper-competitive business scenario. HR professionals are the pioneering force throughout this transition phase as workplaces embrace the future. Here's how HR technology, data management and cutting-edge innovation can make this future happen.

10 Tips for Job Hunting in the Digital Age

Thanks to the internet, you are now competing with people from all over the world for your next job. With that in mind, Jon Erik Haug channels his vast experience at Telenor into a list that will be a boon to job seekers everywhere!

Rozee Asks: Ramzan Timings In The Workplace

This year, ROZEE.PK took the opportunity to ask professionals of their opinions on how organizations should shuffle their work timings in Ramzan to maximize both productivity and personal commitments.

Losing Intellectualism?

QUESTIONS: HAIDER KAMAL ANSARI   Man thrived during the hunter-gatherer era, but he was far more intelligent and an epitome of endurance at that time. The quest for survival is a major motivator...

(Sneak Preview) Adnan Bashir – Printing to Perfection

Innumerable sheets in mattes and glossies finished with select coatings in impeccable design and packaging have found their timely place on the expansive table of this award winning print industry owner....

Childcare at Workplace

HIGHLIGHTS: ABEER AHMED   Checking in to a colourful, bright and cosy nursery or a child care unit in the middle of an extremely hectic day can be a stress reliever for the...

Serious Career Growth!

ROZEE.PK's drive to empower people and organizations by providing them with opportunities to move forward is the fundamental principle on which the company thrives. The principle stems from its leadership's dream 'to create impact at scale'.

Screenshot Journalism

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy's 2nd Oscar Award for 'A Girl in the River - The Price of Forgiveness' not very surprisingly induced all sorts of comments, when there should have been only...