The decline in a currency’s purchasing power over time is referred to as inflation. As a result, one unit of money has less purchasing power than it had before economic inflationary forces emerged. When there is a greater demand for labor than there are available positions, economists refer to this scenario as unemployment.

The relationship between unemployment and inflation has historically been inverse i.e. one causes the other to fall when it rises and vice versa. To prevent over stimulating or excessive slowdown of the economy, governments often rely on monetary and fiscal policy. A recession is more likely to happen the longer inflation has a negative economic impact, which will cause changes including slower hiring, more layoffs, slower industrial production, and a stagnant housing market. In such situations people try to move abroad and find jobs, but not everyone can afford settling out of the country.

Most people can’t even imagine it, so they either join the growing group of educated jobless or settle for low-paying, low-quality work after failing to find an “option” that matches their educational background or skill set. Because of the shrinking economy and a lack of employment growth during the past five years, youth unemployment and underemployment have increased significantly.

In these circumstances, finding work is considerably more difficult. However, every issue has a unique solution. Unemployment and the declining job market are also problems that can be solved. And there are platforms that can be used to overcome this problem. Platforms like provide a diverse online job-board where unemployed people can easily find jobs according to their demand. Such platforms provide options that you can apply while finding a suitable job. Latest jobs in Pakistan are offered and people can easily send/share their resumes to their desired companies.


Duration of Unemployment and the Chance of Finding a Job:

It has always been more difficult to find a job the longer you are out of work, as was already mentioned. As the unemployment rate has increased in the last 5 years in Pakistan, the shrinking job market has disappointed many job seekers. It has become even more technical to find a suitable job and apply for it.

The likelihood of all unemployed workers obtaining new jobs in the current economy is far lower than it was in the past. But chances of finding a job and getting one has become easier because of online job seeking platforms like People can readily locate employment that meets their needs. These websites provide the latest jobs in Pakistan to inspire the younger generation and even those who want to switch. Finding latest jobs in Pakistan has been simpler because people can now simply find suitable employment as the most recent jobs in Pakistan are displayed at the top of the list.

Latest Jobs in Pakistan:

Here are some latest jobs in Pakistan that are going to help in finding a job at such circumstances;


Freelancing is one of the most in-demand latest jobs in Pakistan. Freelancers are in charge of a variety of tasks that are not the responsibility of traditional workers, including scheduling their own work hours, keeping account of the time spent on various projects, billing clients, and paying their own employment and company taxes. On the other hand, a person can publicly offer their services to their clients without enlisting the aid of a third party or using any of their resources in exchange for a commission.

A freelancer can provide a variety of services to various sectors. Pakistan has a large number of freelancing jobs. These qualities make it one of the latest jobs in Pakistan in significant demand.


Digital and Video Marketer:

The task of a digital marketer is to connect with a company’s target market online. They must create a thorough plan to do that. The correct channels must be chosen, and campaigns must be scheduled for each channel. Digital and video marketer jobs are easily available in Pakistan. People can find such latest jobs in Pakistan of digital and video marketer easily by simply searching it on online job seeking sites like


HR Manager:

Human resource management jobs are also one of the latest jobs in Pakistan. In such times of job shortage, organizations hire HR managers because they are essential in shaping an organization’s culture. They help to resolve conflicts or complaints by facilitating dialogue between a company’s managers and staff. They also give CEOs advice on appropriate workplace behavior policies. Additionally, a human resources department is in charge of ensuring the wellbeing and satisfaction of its staff.


IT Professional:

Information technology is the foundation of almost everything in the world we live in. The IT industry in Pakistan is expanding. Nowadays, Pakistan’s major cities are home to a large number of software companies. Due to the rising need for IT workers, Pakistan has relatively high compensation for software engineers, web developers, android developers, iOS developers, and other professions.

IT professionals are hired by various companies to manage IT tasks that are essential to the business and system upgrades. Boost staff productivity and business operations by enabling these improvements. Conduct research on, and evaluate cutting-edge hardware and software. Manage IT tasks that are essential to the business and system upgrades as well as boost staff productivity and business operations by enabling these improvements. Therefore, the list of latest jobs in Pakistan includes the jobs of IT professionals.

Telecommunication Engineer:

A telecommunications engineer has the expertise to manage data such as audio, video conversations, and texts across numerous communication channels. The field of telecom engineering encompasses radio, television, satellite, computer networks, the internet, and optical fiber. The fastest-growing sector in Pakistan is telecommunications, which brings in billions of rupees daily.


The jobs mentioned above are the latest jobs in Pakistan that are offered by various organizations. Hence, at such stage when the country is suffering from economic crisis and the job market is shrinking, people can easily find these jobs on online job seeking platforms like that help job seekers tremendously by providing a plethora of opportunities in various domains, sectors and even gender-specific jobs so that people easily land their desired role at this difficult time.